This version is meant for users experienced with Mayan EDMS. Please do not 
in production. The purpose of this release is get feedback on all the 
changes and testing and bugs reporting. If want to test against real data, 
please make a separate copy of your documents and database first and use 
this copy for testing.

Almost all the changes of Mayan EDMS NG 2.8 and Mayan EDMS NG 3.0 have been 

The release notes summary is as follows:

   - Turning Mayan EDMS into a single page app. Views are rendered using 
   partial templates. On the first render a root template containing the 
   menus, JavaScript and stying is sent to the browser. On subsequent usage 
   only the area below the menu is refreshed. This results is a big speed 
   boost and much less bandwidth consumption.
   - Project moved to Django 1.11.
   - Event notification. It is possible to subscribe to an event type for 
   the entire system or to the event type of a specific document. If any of 
   these subscribed events occur an entry will be added to the notification 
   menu entry. The default for this menu entry is to display a bell icon and a 
   badge with the number of unread notifications.
   - All the Python dependencies have been upgraded to their latest version.
   - The logic for searching documents is now different. Before, all the 
   documents that matched at least one of the search terms were returned. Now 
   only the documents that match all the terms are returned. This is in 
   essence an "AND" style logic. To allow the previous behavior, the "OR" 
   search syntax was added. The syntax must be added in uppercase and between 
   the optional terms.
   - Normally the resolution for the display modes of documents was 
   specified as a string containing the width and height concatenated with the 
   character 'x'. The display resolution settings have been separated into 
   distinctive width and height settings. Instead of DOCUMENTS_THUMBNAIL_SIZE, 
   the settings are now DOCUMENTS_THUMBNAIL_WIDTH and 
   DOCUMENTS_THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT. The same applies to the preview, display and 
   print resolutions.
   - The upload wizard now features dynamic steps. The steps are defined by 
   a new class called WizardStep. This allows integrators to customize the 
   upload wizard to add their own steps without having to modify the core 
   code. This change also add the capability of disabling existing wizard 
   steps form third party apps without having to make core code modifications.
   - A new default step was added to the upload wizard to specify the 
   cabinets of new documents.
   - The code that detect the automatic orientation of PDF has been 
   disabled by default. It can be enabled via the 
   - A new proposal system has been added via the Mayan EDMS Request for 
   Comment (or MERC for short) documents. The first two MERCs have been 
   approved. MERC-1 which documents the process itself and MERC-2 which 
   documents how API tests are to be written. Other MERCs are in review 
   - If the duplicates of a document were deleted the original document 
   would still show up in the duplicated document list with a duplicate count 
   of 0. This has been fixed.
   - Support was added to pass arguments to the storage drivers. This 
   removes the need to subclass a storage driver to change its behavior. This 
   also means that passing global variables via the file to use S3 
   style object storages is no longer required. These storage drivers can be 
   configure by passing their arguments in the new 
   - If is possible to list only the system events executed by one user. 
   This can be accomplished via the user list view in the setup menu. Or by 
   clicking on the user name of the event list view.
   - The checkbox behavior in all the views that display a list items has 
   been improved. A "check all" checkbox was added that will auto select all 
   items. The submit button from dropdown list of actions was removed. Instead 
   the action of selecting an item from the action dropdown will trigger the 
   action. The checkbox also allow block selection. Clicking on the checkbox 
   of the first item, later on the checkbox of the fifth item while holding 
   down the shift key will cause the checkboxes of items 1 to 5 to be 
   selected. The same applies to deselection.
   - A JavaScript library manager was added. This means that third party 
   JavaScript libraries are now not included with the distribution of Mayan 
   EDMS. These are downloaded when the new management command 
   installjavascript is executed. The installation of JavaScript libraries is 
   also performed during upgrades and initial installations.
   - Removing a workflow type from a document type will now also remove all 
   running copies of the remove workflow type from the documents of said 
   document type.
   - To protect the project and those who contribute to it, a Contributor 
   Assignment Agreements has been adopted. Two versions were added, for 
   individuals and entities. Signing this document is required to include your 
   contributions into the main code base. 
   - SQLite should only be used for development and testing. Running Mayan 
   EDMS in production with SQLite will cause a warning to be displayed in the 
   console and the user interface. In future versions this warning could be 
   escalated to an exception. Recommended database engines for Mayan EDMS are 
   PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. These last two if using a transaction aware 
   table backend like InnoDB.
   - Email processing done by the sources app to import email and 
   attachments as documents is now handled by MailGun's flanker library. This 
   change was added to avoid having to code for all the documented and 
   undocumented quirks in the RFCs relating to email. There are many broken 
   implementations and trying to write code to work for all of the is a 
   project in its own. MailGun's flanker library was found to be the library 
   with the most compatibility all around. As a consequence of this emails 
   that Mayan had trouble processing should work now. Support for importing 
   inline files (like images) in emails was added.
   - The permission filtering for document page search was fixed.
   - Cabinet pagination was fixed.
   - The aspect ratio of the document preview cards was adjusted to avoid 
   showing documents squished on some resolution.
   - Total test count increased to 782. Test coverage increased to 85%.
   - The current password policies are now displayed on the password change 
   - Add support for roles, users, and groups ACLs. This means that 
   administrators can delegate management task for these objects via ACLs and 
   without having to convert them into superusers.
   - Statistics line chart template improvements. On some devices the chart 
   would be cut off.
   - Many small usability improvements, like columns reorganization, 
   sorting permission lists, etc
   - Locking added for the interval sources (email, watch folder). This 
   lowers the probability of duplicated documents when the import stage last 
   longer than 10 minutes. 
   - It is now possible to turn off the text parsing for a specific 
   document type. This text parsing is independent of the OCR.
   - Add the option to enable or disable parsing when uploading a document 
   for each document type.
   - Add support for HTML bodies when sending a document via email for the 
   user interface.
   - Many other things.

Some last minute additions might be added but is not the main goal. Testing 
and bug reports are needed to get a release candidate out and a final 
version soon after.

Thank you.


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