* Added short data type for Java functions.
* Added PrintDialog.SetResetDestination and PrintDialog.GetResetDestination 
functions to workaround Sierra printing bugs in FileMaker.
* Updated SQLite to 3.15.0.
* Added FM.ExecuteFileSQLOnIdle function.
* Fixed bug in FM.ExecuteSQLOnIdle (bug since 5.2).
* Added Window.Scrollbar.GetScrollElasticity and 
Window.Scrollbar.SetScrollElasticity functions.
* Added DynaPDF.WriteStyledText and DynaPDF.WriteStyledTextEx to draw styled 
text on a PDF.
* Added support to pass string to/from java as char arrays.
* Added support to pass container to/from java as byte arrays.
* Fixed a bug with FM.InsertOrUpdateRecord3 function.
* Added Menu.GetURL, Menu.SetURL, MenuItem.GetURL, MenuItem.SetURL, 
Schedule.GetURL, Schedule.SetURL, Socket.SetDataAvailableURL, 
Socket.SetErrorURL, Socket.SetNewConnectionURL, TAPI.GetCallStateEvaluate, 
TAPI.GetCallStateURL, TAPI.GetNewCallEvaluate, TAPI.GetNewCallURL, 
TAPI.SetCallStateEvaluate, TAPI.SetCallStateURL, TAPI.SetNewCallEvaluate and 
* Old stored registration keys are automatically removed when you update 
plugins and key is expired.
* Unlicensed plugin may show a demo mode note in script editor on Mac.
* Added data type option for Preferences.SetValue to specify data type, so you 
can overwrite FileMaker preferences like file cache size.
* Added option to contextual menu for script workspace, so you can now jump to 
the script you perform there in the script.


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