I have something like 9 different USB/Serial adaptors connected to my server 
here that has been upgraded to every OSX version through 10.10 and now up to 
10.13.4. the USB Serial devices continue to work just fine. The problem is most 
likely that the drivers need to be updated. If it’s an FTDI based device then 
thats easy, just remove the old drivers and use the ones that are built in to 
the system now, they should just work without any other work at all. Other chip 
types can be more difficult because not all those manufacturers make a properly 
signed MacOS kernel extension for them and OSX won’t load extensions that 
aren’t signed anymore. So that might be the problem as well. Go looking for new 
drivers for whatever brand of adaptor you’re using.

Of course, I just said that they work fine here ;) And thats not entirely the 
case. I have some that won’t work on certain hubs and others that won’t work 
through a USB/C to USB adaptor cable but work fine when plugged into a USB hub. 
I have no idea why. I’ve had over the years some experiences where they would 
work fine the first time you plugged them in but if you unplugged them and 
replugged them in they would no longer show up until you restarted or if you 
moved them to a different port. So there is still some voodoo to do in there. 
There is nothing specific in the OS versions that would disable all serial 
ports on purpose, but it might have refused to load an older or not signed 
driver for them.


> On Apr 11, 2018, at 10:15 AM, Christian Schmitz 
> <supp...@monkeybreadsoftware.de> wrote:
>> Hello, it seems that we can no longer connect devices through the serial 
>> port from MacOS X 10.10
> Really?
> Xojo has serial ports built in and we would not do anything different.
> So if you have a serial device acting as Serial Port, it should work.
> For generic USB devices, we do have LibUSB classes.

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