* Fixed a problem in email parser, which didn't get multi part right on Linux 
for MimeEmailMBS class.
* Added more methods and properties for ScintillaControlMBS.
* Added support for tab character in text replacements with WordFileMBS class.
* Added ScintillaLoaderMBS class to load huge documents in chunks.
* Updated to LibXL version 4.0.1.
* Fixed a problem in Graphics class with DynaPDFMBS where in some case the font 
was not set and DynaPDF reported an error about missing font.
* Changed Scintilla to embed the library for Windows (32/64 bit) and macOS 
* Adjusted event names of our Desktop Controls to match Xojo's event names.
* Fixed Constructor and MenuItem function in NSMenuItemMBS class to work for 
* Added ShowInfoBar property for ScintillaControlMBS class to define whether we 
add info bar on macOS.
* Added more error constants for CBCentralManagerMBS class.
* Remved logging with "native path:" for when plugin creates CFURL.
* Added methods for NSPrintOperationMBS class to handle DesktopHTMLViewer.
* Added constructors taking DesktopHTMLViewer for IEWebBrowserMBS class.
* Added 100 more methods for DesktopWindow instead of Window.
* Removed Shell method for InternalSQLiteLibraryMBS class. Please use command 
line tool instead.
* Changed window properties to variant, so you can use DesktopWindow there for 
WindowsShortCutMBS, WindowsPrintDialogMBS, WindowsPageSetupDialogMBS, 
WindowsICMSetupMBS, WindowsBlueToothSelectDeviceDialogMBS, TwainMBS, 
TaskDialogMBS, OpenDialogMBS, DirectShowVideoWindowMBS, WindowsStoreContextMBS, 
WindowsFileCopyMBS, WindowsFontDialogMBS, WindowsPreviewHandlerMBS, 
WindowsStoreContextMBS, ParentChromiumFrameMBS and ChromiumBrowserMBS classes.


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