* Updated SQLAPI to version 5.2.0.
* Added kMariaDBClient constant for SQLConnectionMBS class.
* Added "MariaDB:" prefix for SQLDatabaseMBS class.
* Fixed NSNetServiceMBS constructor to accept empty text.
* Added WindowsGattDescriptorsResultMBS and WindowsGattDescriptorMBS classes.
* Added more methods to WindowsGattCharacteristicMBS class.
* Added WindowsProcessMachine and WindowsNativeMachine functions and related 
constants to SystemInformationMBS module.
* Updated IsTranslated function in SystemInformationMBS class to detect status 
on Windows.
* Added UIDocumentPickerMBS class with a file open/export dialog for iOS.
* Updated CURL to version 7.84.0.
* Optimized NSDate conversion by caching calendar.
* Added GetInfoCAPath and GetInfoCAInfo methods to CURLSMBS class.

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