> I'm porting my .syntax hilite files from AMC (uses syntax code from 4.5.4x)
> and found that the /nn number codes has gone. I've never understood their
> purpose but all my syntax files contains them after each color code.
> -    keyword $(*) yellow
> -    keyword ${*} brightgreen
> +    keyword $(*) yellow/24
> +    keyword ${*} brightgreen/16
> Should I remove them, or it doesn't matter?

After some more RTFM i've found opposite things written.
In the Syntax file, the comment says:

# syntax rules version 62
# (after the slash is a Cooledit color, 0-26 or any of the X colors in rgb.txt)

While the english manpage has examples, for example:

         keyword  whole  static   24
         keyword  whole  extern   24
         keyword         {        14
         keyword         }        14
         keyword         '*'      6

followed by:

       The  possible  colors  are:  black,  gray, red, brightred,
       green,  brightgreen,  brown,  yellow,  blue,   brightblue,
       magenta,  brightmagenta,  cyan,  brightcyan, lightgray and

Imho this thing should be cleaned up for 4.6.0, either remove numbers or
color names or at least fix the manpage to explain what are them, instead
of having examples using numbers and description using color names.

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