> I agree with you, but this documentation problem is my fault.  I
> overlooked this when I was changing the documentation about syntax
> highlighting.  It won't take much time to fix.

I also meant fixing documentation.

> It looks like that I'll be busy next weekend, so the real release date
> will be most likely Monday, February 3.

> Please be assured that I do what I can to make the next release stable and
> reliable.  I'm not resting - I have a lot of things to do, not all of
> which are related to mc, unfortunately.  There is no specific problem that
> would prevent the release.  I'm quite confident that we are one week from
> the 4.6.0 release.

Please fix the src/key.c::is_idle() select()-related bug, it's very annoying
especially when running long file searches.

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