Hi All,

Finally I was able to find the MC headquarters! :-)

I use an ancient mc (version so old it is unimportant) on Solaris.  Ages ago I have 
patched its sources to have a (for me) very useful added feature.  That is: you can 
tell in the menu/extension file, if a prompt can be left empty:

m       Run make with no pars, output to makeout
        TARGET=%{.Enter parameters}
        dtterm -geometry 184x67+0+0 -title "Make" -e wwmake $TARGET &

This is an example of the use of it: my "Makefile handler".  Please observe the "." 
immediately after the opening curly brace!  It is very convenient.  I just press F2-m 
and then an enter to start make for the default target.

Now - of course - I absolutely do not remember what I have changed.  But I can diff to 
the original sources to tell.  I do not remember if I did the same change for the 
extension file or not - of course it would be helpful there as well.

Why do I write?  I would like to get this change into the official version.  I have 
tried to compile it here - but it want glibc and other stuff I do not have - and I do 
not have time now to download and build everything.  Especialy because I have to 
configure things with an awful lot of changes due to our restricted environment (and 
ancient compilers).

My question: could anyone add this simple change to the current code or help me to do 
it?  I am absolutely not familiar with sourceforge and CVS. :-(  I better be, but I am 

Please mail me directly!

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