#125: allocate and free memory via mc-wrappers
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 Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  4.6.2
Component:  mc-core      |     Version:  4.6.1
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 Now in sources mixed many technologies for working with memory:
    - system functions (malloc/free)
    - glib functions (g_malloc/g_free)
    - self-made function (like in vfs/mcserv.c:127)

 This patch is a first attempt to reorganize work with memory - only
 replace malloc with mc_malloc; g_malloc with mc_malloc, [g_]free with
 mc_free, etc.

 All definitions of mc_<malloc|free|calloc|...> placed in src/glibcompat.h.
 This not good place, I understand. Next step - create 'src/mc-alloc.[ch]'.
 This must be place of definitions memory-related functions; code from
 src/poptalloca.h and src/regex.c (related to definition of 'alloca' ) must
 will moved to mc-alloc module too.

 As fact, this patch is a refactoring of sources. I'm don't create mc-alloc
 at this time, because refactoring should made by little steps. This first
 step is prepare stage :)

    1) We can will realize garbage collector or debugger of memory leaks;
    2) We can will realize own library 'mcglib' - for embedded systems it's
 very good;
    3) In sources used only one technology of working with memory: mc-alloc
 (in future). And only in mc-alloc will use much different technologies;
    4) More order in mind. :)

    1) All existing patches will need to hand processing... in many case.
 Because this patch will change a lot of files and applying patches via
 'patch' or 'git-apply' command may will fail

 P.S. patch is too big and attached as gz-archive (because limit to size of

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