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> > Thousands of OSS projects get mirrored all around the world, even
> > without explicit knowledge of the devs, and - as far as I know - 
> > nobody feels pissed about that. What's the problem ?
> I don't want to be responsible for an obsolete repository.

Which one is obsolete now ? And why are you resposible ?

> > > I believe it's important that the project developers act as a team 
> > > and coordinate their actions.  
> > 
> > What is there to coordinate on just some dumb unofficial mirror ?
> Its name and who is responsible for mirroring.

What kind of responsibility do you have in mind ? 
It's nothing more than like someone sets up an daily wget -R on some
ftp server and tells the world where to reach this mirror. 

> > Wait, you really feel kicked-away, just because your mirror isn't 
> > the only one anyomore ? Quite strange, IMHO.
> There is no need for two mirrors on one site.  

Probably not. But does it hurt ?

BTW: I didn't know that there's already another mirror. 
While reading the git docs I just came around that mirroring service
and tried it out. Nothing more.

If you don't have any use for the new mirror, just ignore it.
Probably it will timeout after a while if nobody uses it.

> The only problem with the existing mirror was that you didn't control it. 

No, not for me - I don't have the slightest intent do control it.
Actually, there is nothing to control - the mirrors are done 100% 

> > Right, and you did a great job. You volunteered to do an dirty,
> > but important job, nobody else was willing to do. And I don't 
> > think anyone here won't appreciate that. 
> > 
> > So you *are* a valueable member of the team, and I don't see how 
> > some additional, uninteresting git mirror can change that fact.
> Thanks.  I'm unsubscribing from the lists now and I'm not going to
> continue this discussion.

Please don't, just because of that dumb mirror.
It has nothing to do with your contributions.

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