This combination:

- MC compiled against S-Lang,
- S-Lang version 2.3.1 (or older),
- terminfo (ncurses) version 6.1 (or newer),
- TERM=xterm-256color

breaks the arrow keys and probably much more.

This is because slang reads the binary terminfo files manually, rather than
via libtinfo, and ncurses-6.1 switched to a new binary format for some of
its files (including xterm-256color but not xterm).

- Upgrade to S-Lang pre2.3.2-19 or newer
- Downgrade to ncurses/terminfo 6.0 or older

- export TERM=xterm

But most importantly, anyone encountering this should immediately notify
their distribution, pointing them to e.g. .

This is not a bug in Midnight Commander, nor in the terminal emulator.

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