This is one that we were looking at a few months ago. It can be built on 
drupal, so most DAMs should be able to serve it content.

Jonathan Benoit
Digital Asset Manager / TMS Manager
Hood Museum of Art
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

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Hi everyone,

I am making a request for information for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's 
Curatorial team. The AK Curators are wondering what software other institutions 
are using for their exhibition layouts. Specially, programs that display floor 
plans, allow the user to drop in images to scale, and possibly pull content 
(images, dimensions, etc.) from their CMS or DAM. We appreciate any suggestions 
you might have.

Many thanks!

All the best,


Kelly Carpenter

Digital Media Manager

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

1285 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14222-1096


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