Congratulations, Perian!  Hope you're coping with the constant diaper updates 
and nightly audio sessions...

Amalyah Keshet

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Hi everyone:

On July 7th, following 40 weeks +42 hours of preparation and labor, I released 
a new physical interactive, which we've named "Eliana". Eliana was originally 
8lbs, 5 oz and 19.5" long, but, being interactive and now
5 weeks old, her specs have since changed significantly. She also has an awful 
lot of hair, and we're not sure which programmer is responsible for that. Since 
it's a feature, and not currently a bug, we're calling the hair a success.

I know many of you have been subjected to my snarky updates and photos on ye 
olde Facebook, but since I have so many friends and colleagues in the musetech 
and registrar communities, I wanted to let the rest of you know about my latest 


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