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Duke Division of Fossil Primates is searching for a paleo 

To apply please go to:

& search under Requisition Number: 400952142

Please also send a letter of interest & a portfolio to:<>

Position Details:
Research Technician I Fossil Vertebrate Preparator/Conservator

Occupational Summary

Physical micro-preparation and conservation of small fossil vertebrates from 
South America and Africa housed in the Division of Fossil Primates (DFP) at the 
Duke Lemur Center (DLC). Ensure safe, archival quality storage and safe access 
and use of fossil collections. Produce research quality epoxy and polyester 
casts of fossil specimens.  Participate in field work. Oversee training of 
students and interns.

Work Performed

Oversee packing and moving of large collection of fossil vertebrates from South 
America from Duke's West Campus to facilities at DFP these duties will include 
planning and executing move and supervision of Duke work-study students during 
packing and moving.
Also, organize and maintain records for South American material being accessed 
into the DFP collections.
Perform physical preparation and conservation of large collection of fossil 
vertebrates being moved to DFP as well as those currently housed at DFP. 
Produce research quality epoxy and polyester casts of fossil specimens.
Set up preparation and casting labs and maintain stocks of preparation, casting 
and storage materials in conjunction with staff specialist.
Help to organize and participate in field work in conjunction with DFP Director 
including ensuring that all field supplies are maintained at proper inventory 
levels and that all field permits are in order.

Help to train and oversee work of Duke work-study students, DLC summer interns 
and Durham School of Science and Mathematics high school summer interns.


L. Catherine Riddle
Div. of Fossil Primates
1013 Broad St.
Durham NC 27705
919/416-8420 x 2

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