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One more bit of esoterica. If you’re using Cisco equipment, their mobility 
services for tracking folks. To work around the spoofing of IP addresses that 
happens with some devices (iOS, that’s you) you can mitigate this to some 
degree by setting “Enable Locally Administered MAC filtering” to *off*.

That will likely improve your numbers of devices being counted. 


> On Dec 1, 2016, at 3:21 PM, Nik Honeysett <> wrote:
> I have a friend who runs a large, free public-access wifi network in a park. 
> The network requires no authentication. There is modest promotion of the 
> availability of free-wifi. He’s looking to estimate the total number of 
> visitors to the park from the number of unique clients he sees on his wifi 
> network. Despite the fact that a significant proportion of visitors have 
> their smartphone with them, only a certain percentage will appear on the 
> network due to a variety of factors including phone settings and a user 
> checking to see whether there’s wifi available.
> What percentage of the total visitor number does the MCN brain trust think he 
> will see on his network? Or maybe put another way, what percentage of the 
> population looks for free wifi?
> -nik

Bruce Wyman

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