There are plenty of different apps for iOS and Android that will allow you
to create interactive ‘presentations’ that can be run on kiosks or you can
use something like Kiosk Pro ( and author your
content as HTML and lock down the device.

In terms of devices, define affordable :-). If you can stretch to iPads
then you can get the new iPad for $329. You can get Android tablets cheaper
but just make sure you test them out first and see if they work for what
you want. Quality varies widely but check AliExpress for some options -

Glen Barnes
m: +64 (21) 0429 471

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> Greetings!
> I'm brand new to the listserv but was directed by a colleague who says you
> are the folks in the know!
> Our exhibit spaces are rather outdated.  One space in particular is
> intended to be a highly interactive and hands-on environment for
> facilitated field trip groups.  However, we have adapted the activities
> hosted in the space as many of the exhibit elements are no longer function
> or relevant to current methods of teaching students how to behave as
> historians.
> We have four computer kiosks with outdated CPUs and touch screens.  We
> hoped to update these kiosks with new software, at least, that could host
> simply some text as well as images and videos from our collections.  The
> software would not need to link directly to our collections database, we
> would just need to be able to create something interactive from newly
> created files.
> Can anyone recommend any software and/or accompanying hardware for this
> type of highly interactive space?  And of course, on a budget? :)
> Thank you for your help!
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