MCN 2017: Looking Back, Thinking Forward, Taking Action

Every year, MCN explores topics of relevance to museum practitioners
working with, or affected by, digital media and technology. In 2017, MCN
will focus on how museums can use technology to innovate and emphasize
transparency, individual action, and institutional bravery. We are
interested in cases where a creating an open museum culture encourages bold
action to confront challenges in our field, our communities, and our
society, including issues of diversity and inclusion.

Submissions on any topic from people at all levels of the institution and
all parts of the field are welcome, and we especially encourage proposals
with bold ideas that leverage technology to evolve museums, create
institutional partnerships outside the sector, and champion a culture of
transparency to inspire immediate action for a better future.

Eric Longo
Executive Director
MCN <> (Museum Computer Network)
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