The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Position Title: Taxonomy Consultant:
Employee Classification: Temporary (6 months)

The Met's encyclopedic online collection currently includes over 440,000 
objects representing 5,000 years of art from across the globe. We are committed 
to making our works available to the widest possible audience. Whether a user 
is conducting scholarly research, working on a class assignment, or simply 
looking for inspiration, our mission is to make the entire collection 
accessible to all. In order to increase engagement with our users we are 
seeking a taxonomy specialist to work with the Digital team on a 6 month 
project to develop a strategy for implementing a tagging system of index terms 
that will support the search and discovery of our collection.

The taxonomy specialist will define the scope of the tagging system including 
the hierarchical structure and organization, categories of terms to include, 
and the potential use of foreign language terms. The hierarchy of terms should 
be broad enough to cover the diversity of The Met's collections which includes 
a wide variety of object types from multiple time periods and geographic areas 
as well as a broad range of depicted subject matter.

Working closely with the application development and product teams the taxonomy 
specialist will be responsible for developing a plan to integrate the tagging 
system within our current website search and site navigation and make 
recommendations to improve SEO.


*       Deliver an implementation plan for creating a taxonomy system for The 
Met's online collection.

*       Determine the scope of what types of terms will be used.

*       Determine a method for tagging individual works that can continue as 
new works are acquired.

*       Determine a method for ensuring accuracy in tagged works.

*       Assess the feasibility of using existing controlled vocabularies.

*       Work with application developers to develop a system that is scalable, 
easy to maintain, and will optimize search results.
Qualified Candidates Will Have the Following:

*       Experience with standard vocabularies, especially the Getty AAT, TGN, 

*       Understanding and familiarity with controlled vocabularies, information 
retrieval, and taxonomies.

*       Demonstrated experience working with large data projects in the 
cultural heritage sector.

*       Familiarity with crowd sourced tagging tools desired.

Candidates Should Submit Proposals that Include the Following:

*       A detailed 6 month project outline describing approach and methodology 
for creating a taxonomy implementation plan.

*       A summary of prior experience on comparable projects.

*       Resume

*       References

*       Estimated costs.

Please email completed proposals to

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