It's that time of the Saros cycle again, and the excitement is building for
the total solar eclipse whose path will cross the U.S. from west to east
coast on August 21st.  The Exploratorium is continuing its tradition of
venturing to the path of totality to capture live telescopic images of the
sun during the eclipse and to create a live coverage educational video
program which will this year be available in both English and Spanish, both
with close captioning.


Our coverage, including live telescope-only video with no audio, is
available for free for museums and educational institutions to create their
own programming, either in a museum setting or online.  This year, we'll
offer five live streams including a special sonification of the eclipse
video image.  The 5 streams are:

1) Live coverage hosted by Exploratorium educators and NASA scientists, 2)
live coverage in Spanish hosted by Exploratorium educators, 3) a
non-narrated, 3-hour live telescope view of the full eclipse as seen from
Oregon, 4) a non-narrated, 3-hour live telescope view of the full eclipse
as seen from Wyoming, and 5) a live telescope view with live musical
sonification and accompaniment by the Kronos Quartet.

<mcn-l@mcn.edu>All programs are available in HD on the Exploratorium's
website and on the newly released Total Solar Eclipse mobile/tablet app for
iOS and Android.  Additionally, programs #1-4 are available via domestic
satellite in the U.S.  Please contact Nicole Minor, nmi...@exploratorium.edu,
for additional details about how to access via satellite and for info about
additional online resources that can support a museum program about the
eclipse.  You can embed any of the live video streams on your website or
blog.  The Total Solar Eclipse app allows you to share the live streams
easily to a large TV screen via screen sharing functions in iOS and Android.

*Exploratorium Eclipse Website with live streams:*

*Total Solar Eclipse App with live streams:*

*Press Release:*

*Apple App Store*

*Google Play*

Send me any questions about the live streams, website, and mobile app.
We'd love to learn about any uses by the MCN community!


Rob Rothfarb
Project Director
Online Media Group
(415) 528-4844
e x p l O r a t o r i u m / San Francisco
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