**Message from the President**
I am very humbled to serve as the new president of ARCS, and I am excited
about continuing the great work we have started.
Already we have many successes to celebrate:
-Our conferences - Chicago in 2013, and New Orleans in 2015 - featured
in-depth sessions and networking opportunities.
-Two workshops on the care of photography in 2016 and 2017, and our first
workshop in 2014 with PACCIN tackled packing and crating.
-This last year we have worked with Connecting to Collections Care to
co-host webinars on Legal and Ethical Issues and Deaccessioning.
-We have partnered with the Collections Stewardship Professional Network of
the American Alliance of Museum since 2016 to create a joint mentorship
-We continue to host networking socials around the world.
At five years old we are still a young organization, and we will continue
to work on building recognition for our field, and providing rich
professional development opportunities and resources to you.

And we need your support. Consider becoming an ARCS volunteer. By serving
with ARCS, you will have the opportunity to lead the sector and contribute
to learning opportunities that will benefit the entire field. To explore
volunteering with ARCS, click here: http://www.arcsinfo.org/

As we move forward together we welcome your ideas and suggestions - please
connect with us, or email at arcs4...@gmail.com.

And don’t forget to register for the ARCS biannual conference in Vancouver,
November 3-5, 2017. Only a limited number of spaces remain!
-Registration: https://www.arcsinfo.org/programs/2017-vancouver-
-Hotel: https://www.arcsinfo.org/programs/2017-vancouver-conference/acc
We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!
Thank you for support of ARCS.
Danielle Hall Bennett
President, ARCS

**ARCS Position Statement**
Per the ARCS policy on position statements (on the ARCS website -> About ->
Bylaws-http://www.arcsinfo.org/about/association-bylaws) the ARCS Board
posted a draft letter (see under Forum -> Best Practices-
http://www.arcsinfo.org/forum/forum5-best-practices.aspx) for comment as to
whether or not we as an organization should sign on to the letter proposed
by AAM.

Recognizing the importance of the US federal programs and agencies that
help museums and the members of organizations such as ours to serve their
communities,  ARCS is happy to sign on to the AAM-drafted, field-wide
letter to Congress offering our support for the continued funding of those
vital agencies and programs. The full text of the letter can be found here:

The letter is addressed to Majority Leader McConnell, Minority Leader
Schumer, Speaker Ryan, and Minority Leader Pelosi,

The crux of the letter is in the last line:
As you make decisions about the Fiscal Year 2018 budget, we urge you to
support agencies and programs that help museums make a difference in their

This letter will be sent to each senator with a copy to the AAM, signed by

**#ARCSChat Summer Hiatus**
#ARCSchat is the 1st Tuesday of every month, 8-9pm EST. However, we're
taking the summer off.  We'll be back in September with new themes. In the
meantime you can see the ARCS chats captured at our Storify link here-

Note: at the bottom of each page of the ARCS website we have direct links
to all our social media accounts -- Storify, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

**Important Dates**
-July 18, 2017   Networking Social Amsterdam-http://www.arcsinfo.
-September 4, 2017  Deadline for requesting VISA letters from ARCS. For
more info please see our ‘Getting There’ page. -
-October 2, 2017  #ARCSConf-Conference Registration closes.-
-October 9 – 10, 2017  Congreso ARCS in Mexico City
-November 3-5, 2017  ARCS Conference, Vancouver, Canada
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