Hello MCN Community,

We are doing some market research on audio hosting. If possible, can you share 
information about who you use, cost, if you are happy with the service, etc.

Thank you for sharing your time and expertise,
Suzy Sarraf

Looking for a vendor that would ideally have these requirements as standard 
part of service.


  *   Sandbox environment
  *   Multiple user logins/ID w/differing levels of access
  *   Robust analytics (GA integration)
  *   Work w/3rd party vendors (e.g., 3play)
  *   A secure / authenticated web based API to get a list of media items and 
properties for each, e.g. title, id, token used by players, duration, size, 
creation / update dates, etc.
  *   Player loading and media streaming must support distribution over secure 
HTTPS rather than HTTP - there should not merely be a redirect back to HTTP 
from HTTPS
  *   Technical support (minimally via e-mail and chat) for the APIs and the 
platform in general
  *   Players, multiple types available (single track, multi-track)
  *   Players that can be skinned by applying custom CSS
  *   Players should be responsive for different devices and touch-enabled
  *   Players (probably multiple) that work across all devices and web browsers 
supported by the web site and platform support for auto-detection of the client 
in order to deliver the proper player for the client platform
  *   HTML5 based players that DO NOT REQUIRE FLASH OR OTHER PLUGINS - if 
there's a flash player that's used when flash is available, that's fine, but 
flash cannot be a required plugin for any player to work
  *   Ideally a programming API to get a list of configured players suitable 
for playing various media supported by the provider, but that's not required
  *   Ideally a programming API for performing CRUD (create, read, update, 
destroy) operations on media items, but that's not required
  *   Ideally all web based APIs would also be made available with a Java API 
wrapper, but that's not required
  *   Absolute URL accessible for production of RSS/XML to populate Itunes and 
other aggregates
  *   Public facing channel via service (e.g. Soundcloud) publically accessible

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