CMA is currently using TAM for our museum store backend, and a frankly 
embarrassing yahoo store for online. We launched Tessitura CRM+ticketing a year 
ago, held a centennial, and are now looking at phase 3 - integrating parking, 
the store, and restaurant reservations/purchases into the whole constituent 

*         What are you using for your museum store inventory/POS?

*         What are you using for your online store, and is it tightly 
integrated with your inventory/POS system?

*         Do you provide online membership verification, and if you do, have 
you linked from the museum store/POS and online store to your CRM/donor/member 

If you love or hate what you have, would you be willing to talk? I'll buy the 
virtual coffee & biscotti!

Thanks in advance for getting this in front of the right person at your museum!


Niki Krause
Director of Application Services
Information Management and Technology Services
The Cleveland Museum of Art
11150 East Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1797

T  216-707-2542
F  216-707-6661<>

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