Please excuse the forward but as you'll see below, the Digital Humanities 2018 
call closes soon!

Cheers, Mia

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> From: Samantha Blickhan <>
> Date: 20 November 2017 at 17:45:13 GMT
> To:
> Reply-To: Crowd Sourcing Interest Group <>
> Hi all,
> We're seeking to hear from respondents planning to attend, or who would be 
> able to attend if they were presenting at the Digital Humanities 2018 
> conference in Mexico City ( in June 2018.
> We would like to represent a range of perspectives on fairness in non-profit 
> crowdsourcing, including volunteers, early career academics and project 
> assistants. If you are interested, please email with 200-300 
> words on your perspective and role(s) on crowdsourcing projects you're 
> connected with by Friday 24 November. As the ADHO conference is now using 
> double-blind peer review (, please minimise 
> information that would identify you or your project in this text. You can 
> include specific information about your experience or projects in a separate 
> paragraph.
> All best,
> Samantha Blickhan & Mia Ridge
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