As you may know, in the past the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) 
carried out a Collections Management Software Review with the support of the 
museum community.  This was a resource intensive process, and CHIN has not done 
this in many years.  However, we are in the process of updating our resources 
on collections management systems, and have undertaken a project with a number 
of tasks.   One of these tasks still requires additional community support.   A 
description of the project follows:

1)      The Canadian museum community assisted us in developing a vendor 
survey, based on which we will be providing software profiles on our site. We 
targeted specific software based on our community requests.  This process took 
place over the summer and fall and the profiles are currently being translated.

2)      We developed guidelines for creating a Request for Proposals (RFP) for 
a Collections Management System.  These are also being reviewed by some members 
of the community and will be translated and posted online.

3)       We will be asking vendors to demonstrate a limited set of functions 
that have been requested by our advisory committee.  We hope to have these 
demos in January and early February.  It is important to have as many 
evaluators as possible, so I am reaching out to find additional community 
members who would be interested in participating in this part of the process.  
We plan to do the demos using Webex, but also will make video recordings 
available for the evaluators after the fact.

If you are interested in taking part in this stage of our project, (or 
reviewing the RFP guidelines, which are still in progress) please contact me 
at:  sheila.ca...@canada.ca<mailto:sheila.ca...@canada.ca>


Sheila Carey

Audience and Programs Analyst
Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada
1030 Innes Road, Ottawa (Ontario) K1B 4S7
Tel: 613-998-3721 ext. 214 or 1-800-520-2446

Analyste des publics et des programmes
Réseau canadien d'information sur le patrimoine (RCIP)
Ministère du Patrimoine canadien, Gouvernement du Canada
1030 chemin Innes, Ottawa (Ontario), K1B 4S7
Tél. : 613-998-3721 poste 214 ou 1-800-520-2446

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