Hi Jessica,

I've just finished a project with Shire Hall Historic Courthouse and they
check out both iPads and iPod Touches for use as Family and Audio Guides
(running Darwin: www.digitalopps.co.uk/site/darwin/)

They work on the very simple basis of a credit/debit card 'safe' - the
visitors hands over the card which is put into an individual, score, box -
they are then given the unique key to that box. SAO no-one but the visitor
can retrieve their card, and the museum doesn't have to take a card imprint

Pretty straightforward and it seems to work well.  If you're interested I
an forward you their details but in advance of that I'm pretty sure they
use this system: https://cardssafe.com


Ian Smith
Digital Opportunities Ltd
t: 07812 822594
w: www.digitalopps.co.uk/darwin/
t: twitter.com/Museums_Darwin
f: www.facebook.com/digitaloppsuk/
li: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ian-smith/4/614/aa4
Darwin is our fantastic new cross-platform service for creating, editing
and deploying digital exhibits on Windows, Mac and iOS devices. Find out
more at: www.digitalopps.co.uk/darwin/
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