The Visual Resources Association Foundation (VRAF) is pleased to announce that 
registration is open for Documenting Cultural Heritage: Strategies and Spaces 
for Digital 
 to be held on November 30, 2018. This workshop will be hosted by the George 
Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY, and is open to cultural heritage 
professionals, the information, museum, and educational communities, and anyone 
interested in visual culture. Documenting Cultural Heritage: Strategies and 
Spaces for Digital Capture is the first of four workshops being offered in the 
2018-2019 VRAF Regional Workshop 
Program<>. The VRAF is 
grateful to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation for their continued support of this 
exciting opportunity to partner with cultural heritage and educational 
Workshop Description: “Digital capture” encompasses a broad range of 
technologies and processes. While the role of a digitization space has 
historically revolved around slide and flatbed scanners, these represent just 
two of many possible approaches to digital imaging. The first part of this 
workshop will explore traditional methods for digital capture, including 
scanners, DSLR cameras, copystands, lighting, and specialized imaging devices 
for specific uses. Part two of the day will take participants beyond the basics 
by focusing on emerging technologies and their impact on the capture, 
dissemination, and storage of cultural materials.  All workshop content will be 
framed within the important questions you should be asking when planning the 
present and future directions of your digital capture project or facilities. 
Participants will also receive significant supplemental material, including 
recommended equipment, buying guides, and a variety of workflow documents from 
several institutions. When combined with the presented information, 
participants will have the tools in place to build an efficient digitization 
space that is as unique as their specific resources and project needs.
Documenting Cultural Heritage will be taught by Chris Strasbaugh, Digital 
Library Archivist and Curator at the Knowlton School of Architecture, Landscape 
Architecture, and City and Regional Planning at The Ohio State University.  As 
photographer, art historian, and now digital curator, Chris has always been 
driven to document and preserve cultural heritage. His work as a Digital 
Library Archivist and Curator is a perfect mix of his passions in preservation, 
photography, emerging technology, open access, and metadata management. He 
works with an archive of unique work, documenting the history of the various 
programs in the Knowlton School as well as highlighting new work that showcases 
the students in the programs.
Chris has recently presented on the topic of digitization at the 2+3D 
Photography – Practice and Prophecies – 2017 conference at the Rijksmuseum in 
Amsterdam, HASTAC 2017 in Orlando, and the June 2017 Images: Digitization and 
Preservation of Special Collections in Libraries, Museums, and Archives, NISO 
Virtual Conference. In addition to conference presentations, he has also 
produced online learning trainings, taught local workshops, and has actively 
assisted special collections in designing and streamlining their digitization 
To register for Documenting Cultural Heritage: Strategies and Spaces for 
Digital Capture and to learn more about the workshop, visit
  The fee for this day-long workshop is $125. If you have questions about 
registration, feel free to contact Beth Haas, VRAF Director,<> or for questions about 
the program or venue, please contact Elizabeth Chiang,<>.
Beth Haas, MLIS
Digital Imaging Technician
Princeton University
Firestone Library
pronouns: she, her, hers

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