Hi everyone,

*Just wanted to let you know about a Wikipedia training course that might
be of interest to you - this course will *NOT *focus on Wikidata like the
others I've written about, but we do have financial aid available to help
lower course costs for anyone within your network who might be interested.
More below! *

Did you know that by adding to Wikipedia, you have the power to share your
expertise with millions of readers?

When we educate the public we help them understand and value science. But
they can't apply scientific knowledge to solve the world's problems without
high quality information access. *You can help* by meeting people where
they're already getting information – on Wikipedia.

Even though Wikipedia is for everyone, the process of creating and adding
to pages can feel like learning to read and write music. Our expert guides
can show you the way in our *Living Knowledge
course that is specially designed to increase public understanding of

Living knowledge
*Biologists grow public access to science via Wikipedia*
Join us: early bird, group discounts, and financial aid available
Registration closes on November 8th.


   We *meet for** 8 weeks*, via 1 hour weekly collaborative online meetings

   We will meet *November 18th through January 13th* (no meeting week of

   By the end of the course, you will have improved at least *one Wikipedia
   article related to biology *that reaches thousands of readers each month

*Financial aid details*
Thanks to generous funders, we have* financial aid availabl**e* for this
course. We encourage anyone to apply who would like to participate but who
might not have access to the necessary funds to cover the full course fee.
Financial aid details are available in the registration form.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

*_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _*
*Samantha Weald*
Customer Success Manager
Wiki Education
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