Hi everyone,

Over the past week, we've shared two amazing testimonials from previous
participants in our online Wikidata how-to courses. If you've been wanting
to know more about what these courses can do for you, I invite you to read
the testimonials below.

*Join the Open Data Movement | March 5 – April 9 | **Online*
An online course (Thursdays, 10 – 11am PST) for those new to linked data,
or for those looking for a curriculum that covers data ethics, metadata
production, the advantages of linked data, and an overview of Wikidata

*Jackie Shieh, a Descriptive Data Management Librarian at Smithsonian
Libraries, recently completed our Wikidata how-to course for
beginners. **Below,
Jackie provides a detailed account of what that experience was like.*


*Elevate your Collections | March 3 – April 7 | **Online*
An online course (Tuesdays, 11am – 12pm PST) for anyone already familiar
with linked data or Wikidata, or those looking for a project-based course
that explores specific Wikidata tools and approaches.

*Jake Kubrin is Metadata Librarian at the Stanford Law School Robert Crown
Library who recently completed our intermediate-level Wikidata training
course. Below he shares what linked open data makes possible for his work.*


*Join us*
If you're interested in joining our next round of courses this March, don't
forget that if you enroll with a colleague you each get $200 off course

*Final registration closes February 21, 2020.*


*_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _*
*Samantha Weald*
Customer Success Manager
Wiki Education
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