*Reminder: registration deadline is Friday, February 21st.*

*March 3 - April 29, 2020 | Online | Read more at data.wikiedu.org
Hi everyone, have you been hesitant to join our Wikidata courses because
... well, what do these Wikidata trainings cover anyway? In a recent blog
post, Digital Collections Associate Lisa Barrier and Digital Collections
Manager Kathryn Gronsbell from Carnegie Hall explain what to expect when
taking Wiki Education’s beginner Wikidata course and discuss their linked
data plans for the future.

"We went into the course expecting to receive an introduction to editing
(and maybe querying) but came out of it with a new understanding of how to
interpret, share, and grow Carnegie Hall’s archival collection and
performance data." *- read more *

Ready to join, and new to linked data? Join the open data movement in
our beginner’s
course. Have more experience with linked data or Wikidata? Sign up for
an intermediate
course with a focus on possible applications. Visit data.wikiedu.org for
more information. If you register with a group you can save $200 on your
course fees. Plus, we have limited financial aid available for applicants
without access to professional development funds.

Hope to see your registrations soon,

*_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *
Samantha Weald
Customer Success Manager
Wiki Education
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