Hi everyone, a little Valentine's Day treat for you! We've opened up our
financial aid applications for our upcoming Wikidata courses. More below!

What happens when a museum like the Art Institute of Chicago contributes to
one of the world’s largest linked data repositories? In our Wikidata
courses, we teach participants how "linked data allows for powerful queries
to reveal insights about artist gender breakdown, materials used,
exhibition information, and provenance of works. By having this data on
hand, museums can provide a fuller picture of their works and strive for
better representation within their collection."
Read more:

Whether you work for a library, museum, or archive our online Wikidata
courses provide you with a direct chance to develop equitable and inclusive
data for your institution and the larger Wikidata ecosystem. Plus, we
have additional
financial aid available for our beginner and intermediate Wikidata courses.
So if your friends, colleagues, graduate students (or yourself!) would like
to participate but don't have access to professional development funds, I
encourage you to apply before next Fridays deadline! (Financial aid details
are available in the registration forms linked from each landing page

Join the Open Data Movement | Online | March 5 – April 9, 2020
An online course for those new to linked data, or for those looking for a
curriculum that covers data ethics, metadata production, the advantages of
linked data, and an overview of Wikidata policies. Class meets Thursdays 10
– 11am PT / 1 – 2pm ET via Zoom.
Read more: https://wikiedu.org/wikidata/beginners-course/

Elevate your Collections | Online | March 3 – April 7, 2020
An online course for anyone already familiar with linked data or Wikidata,
or those looking for a project-based course that explores specific Wikidata
tools and approaches. Class meets Tuesdays at 11am – 12pm PT / 2pm – 3pm ET
via Zoom.
Read more: https://wikiedu.org/wikidata/intermediate-course/

Hope to see your registrations soon,

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Samantha Weald
Customer Success Manager
Wiki Education
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