Hi All,

Next week on Thursday, May 14 @ 12pm ET we at Alley will be hosting an
Alley Session Webinar: Accessibility Online: What is it? Why does it
matter? What you can do RIGHT NOW!

Digital accessibility doesn’t just mean writing captions for images - it
means making sure everyone can access information in whatever form they
need. In this webinar, we will learn and discuss the whys and hows of
making websites and digital interactions accessible. Sina Bahram, Founder
of Prime Access Consulting <https://pac.bz/> and Pattie Reaves, Principal
UX Developer at Alley will introduce the importance of accessibility and
demonstrate what it’s like to navigate the web without a screen.

Most of the webinar will be devoted to answering all of your questions
about accessibility online. Submit your question ahead of time by replying
to this email or filling out this form <https://forms.gle/rsh8fQugcJozaHfY8>.
You can also ask live during the webinar.

In order to attend, please register for this webinar on accessibility here:


I hope you are all doing OK or as best as you can. Stay sane, go outside if
you are able, and connect with others! We’d love to talk to you on the


Tim Schwartz, Digital Strategist @ Alley
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