Wikidata Summer Institute | Online, June 2020 |

“For professionals in GLAM institutions who wish to embark and break

traditional information descriptive work, the Wiki Education courses can
lead the way.”

- Jackie Shieh, Descriptive Data Management Librarian at Smithsonian

Have you been interested in joining our online Wikidata training but don’t
have access to professional development funds right now? We’ve extended the
registration deadline and opened up financial aid for our 3-week Wikidata
course this June! Wiki Education’s financial aid form allows you to select
a percentage of our course fee based on a sliding scale. I hope you will
join our Wikidata Summer Institute this June 1st-18th and learn how to ...


   expand the reach of library collections

   reveal new insights about collection data

   change your approach to teaching information literacy

   build linked data capacity for your institution

   and more! Register by Friday May 29th at to join

Participants in Wiki Education's online training will meet virtually to
learn how to use, as well as contribute to, the global data repository that
is Wikidata. Our Summer Institute is an immersive three-week experience and
includes two one-hour synchronous sessions with our Wikidata experts each
week, as well as access to hands-on support, technical training, and
institutional project guidance. We also just announced the dates and times
for our July Wikidata Summer Institute: visit to learn



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Samantha Weald

Wiki Education
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