the facter command returns partitions output properly and also when i write 
facter information as yaml to facts_plugin file and the format also proper.

But on meta registration the result variable is defined as below,

        result = {:agentlist => [],
                  :facts => {},
                  :classes => [],
                  :collectives => []}

Here are the ways it gets data for each variable,

        cfile = Config.instance.classesfile

        if File.exist?(cfile)
          result[:classes] = File.readlines(cfile).map {|i| i.chomp}

        result[:identity] = Config.instance.identity
        result[:agentlist] = Agents.agentlist
        result[:facts] = PluginManager["facts_plugin"].get_facts
        result[:collectives] = Config.instance.collectives.sort

And am sending the result output as json format by using .to_json . But 
when I receive that message whereever hash of hashes kind of facter value 
is there, it just concatenated and received. So is there any better way 
that I can read content of facts_plugin using YAML::load and convert the 
output as JSON, then combine all data and sent it as json. 

Basically i am looking proper output on receiver side.


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