MDaemon Outlook Connector 4.5.1 release


Versi ini untuk perbaikkan terhadap user yang pakai Windows 10 creator Update.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon 4.5.1 - July 27, 2017

    [18865] Changes to address the mapi32.dll issues introduced by Microsoft's
Windows 10 Creators Update.

Outlook Connector for MDaemon 4.5.0 - March 28, 2017

        [2886] Added option to configure forwarding within out of office 
settings in
Outlook. Requires MDaemon 16.5.2 or newer.
        [2944] The out of office UI displays and saves the responder message 
text even
when the responder is turned off. Requires MDaemon 16.5.2 or newer.
        [10343] Added Spam and Ham buttons for OC Toolbar
        [10628] "Send meeting requests in iCalendar format" setting is enabled 
by default
        [13889] Added support for 64-bit MSI installer. Changes have also been 
made to
the former 32-bit MSI installer. As of now, there are two MSI installers, the
32-bit MSI installer and the 64-bit MSI installer. Language specific transform
(.MST) files are available for the 32-bit MSI installer and the 64-bit MSI
installer. There are 16 transform files for the 32-bit MSI installer and 16
transform files for the 64-bit MSI installer. The main language of the 32-bit
and 64-bit MSI installers are English. You may use the transform files to
customize the language of OC. You may use the MSI installer and the transform
file, if applicable, to deploy OC through group policies.
        [15066] Disable/warn users who try to create an out of office message 
when they
do not have the permissions on MDaemon to do so
        [17277] Autoupdate notification prompt will not occur if the OC service 
is not
        [17574] Updated SQLite to version 3.16.2
        [17780] Added support for DB relocation when database path changed from 
the server
        [17781] Added proxy server support for license requests. If the 
installer is
unable to download a license file it now prompts for a proxy server address and
credentials which it will use to retry the HTTPS request.
        [17848] Added support for attachment directory relocation when changed 
from the
        [17979] Added support for Automatic Update Service Feature in 64-bit OC
version. It is a feature that keeps your client up-to-date with the latest OC
releases. When you have auto update enabled, it will check for updates. When
updates are available, the user will be prompted to upgrade. A popup dialog box
will prompt the user to either install the updates or be reminded later. If the
user clicks "Yes", Outlook will shut down, the latest updates will be installed
and Outlook will restart after the installation. The initial installation of the
OC client requires a user with administrative rights to manually install the
auto update service. The auto update service handles the update deployment,
allowing users without administrative rights to install updates. The auto update
service must be running for the auto update feature to work. The Automatic
Update Service Feature for 64-bit OC version requires MDaemon v16.5.0 or higher.


        [14554] fix to Excel may hang when clicking the To button in the 
compose window
when sending a spreadsheet as an attachment
        [15546] fix to searches that should return results occasionally return 
results on Outlook 2013 or newer
        [18138] fix to possible Outlook crash when doing a send/receive while 
        [18220] fix to clicking on the "Click here to see what's new before 
Outlook Connector for MDaemon" link in the server installer does not open the
default web browser
        [18249] fix to when creating an account, clicking the "Test & Get 
Settings" button may clear the Your Name and Organization fields
        [18381] fix to meeting invite from 3cx not displaying HTML part of email
        [18383] fix to OL 2016 crash when messages sorted by category
        [18435] fix to Outlook will not start up and load profile if the "Your 
field is empty
        [18448] fix to Swedish and Dutch translations incorrect for bitness and 
check on client installers
        [18508] fix to OC shortcut for license agreement not working in 32-bit 

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