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MDaemon Server v17.5 Release Notes
MDaemon 17.5.0 - September 26, 2017



*[16456] Hosted email options with MDaemon Private Cloud are now available. To
learn more, please visit: *http://www.altn.com/Products/MDaemon-Private-Cloud/.

[18481] BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for MDaemon is not compatible with
MDaemon 17.5 or newer. There will not be a new version of BES for MDaemon that
is compatible. MDaemon's installer will disable BES if it is detected. Uninstall
BES to not be prompted about it. Screens about BES have been removed from the
MDaemon UI.

[10327] Added quarantine exclusion lists to allow password-protected files from
or to configured senders and recipients. At Security | AntiVirus, enable "Allow
password-protected files in exclusion list..." and click the "Configure
Exclusions" button. Note that as of SecurityPlus 5.1.0, the ClamAV Plugin may
quarantine password-protected files before the main AV engine can scan them. An
option is to disable the ClamAV Plugin.



A geographically based blocking system has been developed which allows you to
block incoming SMTP, POP, IMAP, WorldClient, ActiveSync, AutoDiscovery, XML API,
Remote Administration, CalDAV/CardDAV, XMPP, and Minger connections being
attempted from unauthorized regions of the world. A new screen has been added at
Ctrl+S|Screening|Location Screening to configure this.

When the connecting IP is from a blocked country an entry can be logged in the
Dyanmic Screening Log.


MDaemon's dynamic screening has been expanded to operate with SMTP, POP, IMAP,
WorldClient, ActiveSync, AutoDiscovery, XML API, Remote Administration,
CalDAV/CardDAV, XMPP, and Minger. Authentication failures are tracked across all
of these services and IPs can be blocked for all of them. Settings are in the UI
at Security | Dynamic Screening. The log is on the Plug-ins | Dynamic Screen
tab. WorldClient's separate Dynamic Screening system has been removed.

      [5801] PIM ATTACHMENTS

PIM (calendar, contact, tasks, notes) items now support attachments. 
Attachments may be added to a PIM item via WorldClient, Outlook Connector, or
CalDAV/CardDAV.  When scheduling a meeting, any attachments will be sent to the
meeting attendees.

LookOut and WorldClient themes - Implemented PIM attachments for Calendars. A
new tab was added in the Calendar Edit view that allows users to add file
attachments to an event/meeting. As long as a user has read access to an event,
the attached files can be downloaded by the user. Only users with edit access
can upload or remove attachments from a given event/meeting. Other themes will
not be able to edit the attachments, but the attachments will not be lost when
an event/meeting is edited.


A new checkbox on the MDPGP GUI enables/disables automatic transaction of public
keys as part of the SMTP message delivery process. If enabled, MDaemon's SMTP
server will honor an SMTP command called RKEY.

When sending an email to a server that supports RKEY MDaemon will offer to
transmit the sender's then current and preferred public-key to the other host.
That host will respond indicating that it either already has that key and thus
no further work need be done ("250 2.7.0 Key already known") or that it needs
that key in which case the key is immediately transferred in ASCII armored form
right then and there ("354 Enter key, end with CRLF.CRLF") just like an email
message. Keys that are expired or revoked are never transmitted. If MDaemon has
multiple keys for the sender it will always offer up the key that is currently
marked as preferred. If no key is preferred then the first one found is offered.
If no valid keys are available then no work is done. Only public-keys that
belong to local users are offered.

Public-key transfers take place as part of the SMTP mail session that delivers
the message from the user. In order for the public-keys transmitted in this way
to be accepted the public-key must arrive along with a message that has been
DKIM signed by the domain of the key owner with the i= set to the address of the
key owner which also must exactly match the From: header address of which there
can be only one. The "key owner" is taken from within the key itself. Also, the
message must arrive from a host in the sender's SPF path. Finally, the key owner
(or his entire domain via use of wildcards) must be authorized for RKEY by
adding an appropriate entry to the MDPGP rules file (instructions are in the
rules file for this) indicating that the domain can be trusted for key exchange.
All this checking is done automatically for you but you must have DKIM and SPF
verification enabled or no work can be done.

The MDPGP log will show the results and details of all keys imported or deleted
and the SMTP session log will also track this activity. When it works right your
SMTP session logs will show details of key transactions and the MDPGP log file
will fill with details.

This process tracks the deletion of existing keys and the selection of new
preferred keys and updates all participating servers it sends mail to when these
things change.


  * [18877] Added a new option to Ctrl+S|Sender Authentication|SPF Verification
    which allows you to apply SPF processing to the HELO/EHLO value. This option
    is enabled by default.
  * [19080] The \MDaemon\Data\ folder is now included in the config file backup
  * [18881] The LetsEncrypt script no longer needs to shut down MDaemon and its
    associated programs prior to writing content out to INI files. This reduces
    the potential down time, but you are still required to restart MDaemon in
    order for the changes to be recognized.
  * [18862] The LetsEncrypt script no longer writes out the certificate
    information to the INI files and restarts MDaemon even if nothing has been
  * [19067] As part of the new Dynamic Screening work, the option "Limit
    simultaneous connections by IP to (0 = no limit)" has been moved from
    Ctrl+S|Screening| SMTP Screen to F2|Server Settings|Sessions. Also, the SMTP
    Screening UI has been adjusted. The settings here apply only to SMTP
    screening and use the Dynamic Screening system so some explanatory text was
  * [8274] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added the option to export and
    import Groups/Distribution Lists from and to a contact folder in
    WorldClient. The format is WorldClient specific, since Outlook does not
    support exporting and importing Groups. The format is as follows: 
        columns - Group GUID, Group Name, GUID, Full Name, Email
        Each line that contains either a Group Name or a Group GUID is
    considered the beginning of a new group. Any GUID, Full Name or Email on
    that line is considered the first member of the group/list. An Example from
    Excel follows:
    Group GUID  Group Name      GUID    Full Name       Email

        The Jedis       
        Anakin Skywalker        a...@jedi.mail

        Leia Organa     leia.org...@jedi.mail

        Luke Skywalker  luke.skywal...@jedi.mail

        Yoda    y...@jedi.mail

        The Siths       
        Darth Maul      darth.m...@sith.mail

        Darth Vader     darth.va...@sith.mail

        Emperor Palpatine       emperor.palpat...@sith.mail

    When importing, the Group GUID is replaced with a freshly generated GUID. If
    no Group Name is included, the name will be displayed without translation as
    "ImportedFromCSV_%GUID%", where %GUID% is replaced with the first five
    characters of the GUID. Leaving the cells to the right of a group name empty
    will result in the next line being the first member of the group/list. The
    Email field is required for a member to be added.
  * [15783] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added Voice Recording feature. This
    feature requires a microphone and is only available in certain browsers. It
    can be disabled by the admin on a per user basis by adding
    EnableVoiceRecorder=No to the User.ini. Users are limited to five tracks of
    five minutes each. Attempting to record more than 5 tracks will result in
    either the selected track, or the first track, being replaced by the new
    recording (the user will be prompted). After recording is stopped (either
    automatically or by the user), the track is converted to an mp3 and uploaded
    to the server. Users have four options regarding each track:
      o Save to the desktop
      o Save to default WorldClient documents folder
      o Send in an email using a quick dialog that only includes To, CC, BCC,
        Subject, and a plain/text Message Body
          + Only the To is required. There are canned Subject and Message Body
            phrases used when no Subject or Message Body is input by the user.
      o Open a new Compose view with the track attached
    Users can only act on one track at a time. For example, only one track can
    be attached to a message. If a user wants to attach multiple tracks to a
    message, the user will need to save each track to the default documents, and
    do the attaching from there.
  * [13361] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Users can now reorder favorite
    folders by dragging and dropping them in the favorites list.
  * [14784] LookOut and WorldClient themes - New folder management features in
    the Options | Folders view and in the main folder list view. 
    In the folder list view (left pane):
      o Users can drag and drop to move folders from one parent to another
      o Users can rename folders and give favorites nicknames by clicking on
        them a second time (shortly after folder selection)
      o Show Folders by Type is now available in the LookOut theme
      o If there is already at least one favorite folder (because favorites are
        hidden until one is added), users can drag and drop a folder to
        favorites in order to add it (dragging a folder out of the favorites
        does nothing).
      o The new folder and rename folder dialogs were added to the LookOut theme
    In the Options | Folders view, the folder tree is now collapsible, and the
    New Folder dialog has been moved to an external window like in the
    WorldClient theme.
  * [8360] Lite, LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added an option to choose the
    font size for plain text Compose under Options | Compose. The option
    (Compose Font Size) is always visible in Lite theme, and only visible in
    LookOut and WorldClient themes when HTML Compose is turned off.
  * [8937] WorldClient - The paperclip is no longer displayed in the message
    list for new messages that only include inline images, unless the "List All
    Attachments" option is turned on under Options | Personalize.  This only
    affects new messages, so old messages will continue to show the paperclip in
    the case that only inline images are attached to the message.
  * [18526] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Users can now open file attachments
    in the browser (if the browser supports it) by clicking on the name of the
    file in the message preview or external message window. To download the
    attachment, click the download icon next to the name.
  * [5494] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added options to Export a contact in
    vCard 4.0 format. The "Export vCard" button will download the vCard. The
    "Send vCard" will open a new Compose window with the vCard(s) attached.
  * [18345] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added a "None" option in the
    Compose view Signatures select dropdown
  * [18397] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added a setting in Options |
    Personalize to close the message window when the user deletes the message
    (external window only), which also preempts the opening of the next message
    in the list.
  * [18312] WorldClient theme - Updated the look of Notes, and added an option
    to change the color of the note by clicking on the note icon in the top left
    corner of the note.
  * [18728] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added settings in the Options |
    Compose view to allow users to choose a signature for replying and
    forwarding respectively.
  * [17255] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added an option to not include
    signatures in replies or forwards. Under the same settings for 18728 the
    user can choose "No Signature" for replies and/or forwards.
  * [18179] All Themes - the User cookie is now set to the current value of the
    User field on login form submission
  * [9343] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added the ability to search for
    attachment names in the advanced search
  * [18479] All Themes - Added indexed data search for message bodies and
    attachment names
  * [12349] All Themes - WorldClient now includes the ability to choose between
    downloading the 32 bit and 64 bit OC Plugin Installers.
  * [9644] Removed MSXML 4 from the installer.
  * [18768] Added support for password protected chat rooms to XMPP server.
  * [18769] Added support for password-protected chat rooms to WCIM client.
  * [18805] WorldClient theme - Simplified the look of the Compose view.
    Advanced options can be displayed by clicking one button. Save (without
    closing) option added. Clicking the X in the top right corner will discard a
    draft, instead of just closing the window. The subject is displayed in the
    header as the user types it. Moved the Send, Save, and Save and Close
    options to the footer. The entire attachments section is the drag and drop
    area.  Moved the paragraph justification buttons down to the second level in
    the HTML editor options.
  * [8769] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added message list context menu
    options to "Whitelist Sender" and "Blacklist Sender". If clicked, the sender
    of the selected message(s) will be added to the Whitelist or Blacklist
    contact folder. These options can be hidden by adding
    HideEmailAddressHoverMenus=Yes in the Domains.ini under
    [Default:UserDefaults], or adding the same to a user's User.ini file.  When
    using these options, users can select multiple messages to 
  * [18696] LookOut and WorldClient themes - Added an option under Options |
    Compose to allow users to use the Dropbox Preview Link. The default is the
    Dropbox Direct Link.
  * [18209] Turned off EditBISInboxMapping in MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini
    under [Default:UserDefaults]. This hides the "Push to Blackberry" column in
    WorldClient's Options | Folders view. This can be enabled for all by
    changing it back to Yes in the MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini or per user
    by adding it to the [User] section of a user's User.ini file.
  * [16847] Increased the number of custom buttons allowed in WorldClient to 
  * [18194] WorldClient theme - Date now displayed when printing a calendar in
    Calendar View mode.
  * [18861] A new screen at Setup | Outlook Connector | OC Client Settings |
    Add-ins lets the admin configure Outlook add-ins for Outlook Connector to
    disable. Requires Outlook Connector 5.0 or newer. Select a default action,
    Allow or Disable, which applies to new or unlisted add-ins. Individual
    add-ins and their actions (whether to Allow, Disable, or use the default
    action), are displayed in a list box. OC clients will populate the list, or
    admins can add them from the UI.
  * [13179] WorldClient - Added ability for users to view their last ten
    successful logins on the Options | Security page. This is enabled by
    default. To disable this option, set DisplayLoginHistory to No in
    MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini under [Default:UserDefaults].
  * [3548] WorldClient - Added Internationalized Domain Name support, so that
    IDNs will not be displayed in punycode, but instead in UTF-8.
  * [18897] LookOut and WorldClient themes - under Options | Compose, the
    Compose Height and Compose Width options have been removed when HTML Compose
    is unchecked, because the height and width of the text area in the compose
    view is auto resized to fit the window.
  * [12412] LookOut theme - Added a delete button to the appointment editor that
    works like the one in the WorldClient theme.
  * [18936] Added ability to disable SSL in XMPP Server by adding in
  * [9987] Added support for account IMAP filters with multiple conditions that
    can be combined using AND or OR. The filter rule creation UI has links that
    let you edit each part of the rule. Click the "[+]" link to add a condition
    and the "[x]" link to remove a condition.
  * [15967] When MDaemon 17.5+ first starts up, if MDaemon has never been
    configured to use SSL it will automatically generate a default self-signed
    certificate and enable SSL for MDaemon, WorldClient, and Remote 
  * [19042] POP3, IMAP, and SMTP server authentication changes to make them more
    consistent, improve logging, and not give as much information about failures
    to clients. When a username is sent to MDaemon in an encoded form, MDaemon
    logs it in plain text. When authentication is successful MDaemon logs the
    account's email address. When authentication fails MDaemon logs the reason
    but the error message sent to the client is generic. Authentication failures
    due to invalid username or password are reported to Dynamic Screening, but
    not those due to the account being frozen, set to do not disturb, expired
    password, etc.
  * [17773] MDRA - Added a "Message Search" page under "Messages & Queues" for
    Global Admins. This view allows the admin to search a single user's message
    folders. The maximum number of messages returned is 10,000. After getting a
    list of messages, the admin can view the message, and related log entries
    from the Routing, SMTP(in and out), DomainPOP, and MultiPOP logs. Logs will
    only be displayed if the Statistics Database is enabled under Setup | Server
    Settings | Logging | Statistics Log.
  * [10679] Content Filter - Added ability to block attachments in nested ZIP
    files up to 5 levels deep.
  * [19226] WorldClient theme - Increased the email address input length to 76
    characters, which is the maximum length of an MDaemon email address.
  * [19212] The files NoTarpit.dat, DynamicScreen.dat, and AuthErrors.dat in the
    \MDaemon\App directory are no longer used.
  * [19078] Added complex Filters to WorldClient. Unsupported themes will not be
    able to save changes to existing filters.
  * [19160] WorldClient theme - Deferred Delivery - Added an alert that tells
    the user when the message will be sent
  * [19316] MDaemon creates registry entries for Windows Error Reporting to save
    memory dumps if MDaemon.exe, CFengine.exe, WorldClient.exe, WebAdmin.exe, or
    WCXMPPServer.exe crash. This functionality requires Windows Server
    2008/Windows Vista or later. Dump files will be saved to the \MDaemon\Dumps
    folder. This location may be changed by editing \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini and
    setting [Directories] CrashDumps.
  * [17570] Added performance counters for the number of connections refused by
    IP Screen, Dynamic Screen, Host Screen, and Location Screen.
  * [18939] Added performance counters for whether a new version of a product is
    available and the number of days left in the license for each product.
  * [9989] WCIM - Added buddy grouping.  The default group is "Buddies".
  * [13293] Added an account settings option (enabled by default) to
    automatically place new meeting requests on the receiving user's default
    calendar, marked Tentative.
  * [19340] MDRA - Added Location Screening view
  * [19247] WorldClient - Improved the error message when entering an invalid
    password on the change password page (when forced to change password by 
  * [19359] WorldClient - Improved the error message when a user uses an old
  * [19385] WorldClient and MDRA - Updated CKEditor to version 4.7.1


  * [18882] fix to LetsEncrypt generating a new certificate each time the script
  * [1995] fix to WorldClient - HTML messages with embedded CSS render poorly
  * [10334] fix to WorldClient - Message Preview - Malformed messages may have
    malformed signatures
  * [10449] fix to WorldClient - extra space is shown between lines in an HTML
    message that was composed using Outlook
  * [18746] fix to Mobile theme - Going back or using the refresh button in the
    list view results in a mostly blank page
  * [18136] fix to MDPGP GUI showing aliases with macros in dropdown when
    creating keys for specific users
  * [18745] fix to MSA connections not honoring local sources spam filter 
  * [10273] fix to WorldClient - Alert.sem file not currently working
  * [15343] fix to CalDAV: response is not sent to meeting organizer when
    accepting a meeting request in Thunderbird/Lightning
  * [18639] fix to WebDAV log file created with name of ".log" if MDaemon
    logging is disabled
  * [18706] fix to Remote Administration not forcing the recipient of the Weak
    Password Report to be a local user
  * [18739] fix to able to enter non-numbers for max users per domain in Remote
  * [18740] fix to Remote Administration does not force entry of a Smart Host
    when needed in Domain Manager
  * [18741] fix to some options not enabled on Remote Administration's Domain
    Manager | Calendar screen
  * [18761] fix to Remote Administration needlessly forcing a policy description
    in ActiveSync Policy Editor
  * [18788] fix to Remote Administration forcing entry of a Dequeue String when
    it should be optional
  * [18791] fix to Remote Administration not checking for a positive integer for
    time to live in IP Cache
  * [18797] fix to Remote Administration missing some of the necessary new
    mailbox name validation
  * [18759] fix to Remote Administration not hiding "WC Documents Folder" as an
    option when editing Account Templates
  * [18821] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Cannot see new category
    added on the Options | Categories view when adding by right clicking message
    | Categories
  * [18811] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Current folder on server
    changing if you right click and perform action on a non-selected folder
  * [18808] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Applying changes to a
    signature with more than one font-size results in all fonts changing back to
    the default
  * [18866] fix to WorldClient theme - After a search, if you click the X on the
    search bar, only the message subjects are displayed
  * [18898] fix to Lookout theme Add button is not grayed out when editing a
    single occurrence of a recurring event
  * [18907] fix to encoding issue when AV warning message text is added to HTML
  * [18908] fix to MDRA - When Free/Busy service for a domain has a password,
    the field appears blank
  * [18911] fix to MDRA - Passwords available in plain text on various pages
  * [18933] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - WorldClient does not display
    the email address in the "Recipient unknown" error message
  * [19091] fix to WCIM client stripping CR/LF when sending multi-line messages
  * [19092] fix to WCIM client not sending status changes to server for 5 
  * [19110] fix to remote IP not included in Received headers in some 
  * [18874] fix to DNSBL lookups on Received header IPs not honoring white list
  * [18902] fix to Mail List sending copy to sender errantly in some 
  * [19138] fix to invalid regular expression in bad passwords file causes
    problems for the MDaemon GUI and Remote Administration
  * [19019] fix to MDRA - Content Filter shows "Process Exit Code" instead of
    "SpamAssasin Score" popup when selecting a SpamAssasin Score entry
  * [19131] fix to MDRA - Subfolders are not always created correctly
  * [19175] fix to WorldClient - When composing a signature, then when using an
    underline, it is not saved
  * [19188] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Deferred Delivery sets year
    to 1601 when sent from the Spell-Check view
  * [18820] Fix to LetsEncrypt script not restarting MDaemon when WorldClient or
    MDaemon Remote Administration are running under IIS and the WebScripting
    tools are not installed
  * [18702] fix to various problems with the Group Editor in Remote 
  * [18800] fix to JavaScript error on ActiveSync Clients page in Remote
  * [18701] fix to various excessive whitespace on certain popup windows in
    Remote Administration
  * [18712] fix to some text not being translated on Remote Administration's
    DomainPOP page, User's Forwarding page, and Dropbox page
  * [18724] fix to incorrect prompt in Content Filter "Event Log" actions in
    Remote Administration
  * [18792] fix to IP Shielding screen in Remote Administration not forcing
    entry of an IP address
  * [18819] fix to Event Logging screen in Remote Administration not disabling
    some options when it should
  * [17689] fix to From Header Modification not always handling parsing 
  * [19114] fix Mobile theme - Calendar months and days are displayed in English
    when any other language is selected
  * [19300] WCIM client - fix to account not added to drop list on 'Add Contact'
  * [19149] WCIM client - fix to "Invisible" status change not working.  It will
    act as "Do not disturb" to other XMPP client.
  * [19302] fix to MDRA - Cannot edit or create new domain
  * [19303] fix to WorldClient theme - not able to sort messages by ascending
    date when changing the sort order on the Options | Personalize page
  * [19304] fix to WorldClient - error message popup goes away too quickly
    before it can be read
  * [18693] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Unable to send faxes with no
  * [19265] fix to IPF.IMAP type folders being created when moving folders from
    an IMAP PST to an Outlook Connector account
  * [19351] fix to LookOut theme - when switching messages the scroll bar is not
    reset in the message preview
  * [19367] fix to Possible memory leak in the Thread Pool if Message Log Parser
  * [18844] fix to WCIM - if user changes status with multiple XMPP clients,
    WCIM should only report offline if all instances go offline
  * [19113] fix to Mobile theme - First Day of week setting is not applied to
    the calendar
  * [19151] fix to WCIM - when global status is set to "Online" WCIM should log
    account back in
  * [19002] fix to contact notes changed on an ActiveSync client are not saved
    to the server
  * [18927] fix to ACL entry in an account's root Hiwater.mrk is not added to
    AclShLookup.dat during the ACL cleanup event
  * [19173] fix to a single instance of a recurring appointment deleted using an
    ActiveSync client is not deleted on the server
  * [19321] fix to messages sent using ActiveSync may display incorrect date in
    ActiveSync clients
  * [18932] fix to Sent Items copy of message sent using ActiveSync is unread
  * [19452] fix to MD GUI crashes immediately when selecting the Use Small
    Display Font option


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