YTH Pak Syafril

> Mail ditolak karena isinya dianggap spam.
> 550 Mail content denied
> The cause of the error : The content of the mail is suspected of mass mass,
> and was most users complained of spam.
> For a mass mail, in the event of widespread user dislike or focus complaints,
> Tencent mailbox will be prohibited similar to the contents of this message to
> continue to send.
> Suggestions for improvement : If you are the administrator of this bulk email,
> please stop the spam and promotion emails that cause harassment to users.
> If you are a personal email user, please report this condition to your email
> provider.
Isinya hanya body text Bahasa Indonesia dan attachment file bernama inquiry.xls 
saja Pak.
Kira-kira yang di anggap spam itu dari sisi apa ya Pak?
Yang melakukan penolakan dari MD atau mail server klien Pak?
Mohon penjelasannya, terima kasih sebelumnya Pak

Best regards, 


Milis ini untuk Diskusi antar pengguna MDaemon Mail Server.

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