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  MDaemon Server v17.5 Release Notes

    MDaemon 17.5.2 - December 19, 2017


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learn more, please visit: *http://www.altn.com/Products/MDaemon-Private-Cloud/


  * [19833] WorldClient - Reconfigured method of storing Dropbox client 
  * [19832] WorldClient - Reconfigured OAuth implementation to make use of AES
  * [19834] WorldClient - Reconfigured Two Factor Authentication to make use of
    AES encryption for user secret storage


  * [19757] fix to DynamicScreenUpd.sem not working
  * [19816] fix to incorrect IP blocking penalty tool tips on dynamic screening
  * [19811] fix to dynamic screening notifications being incorrectly sent when
    an IP is expired from the blacklist
  * [19790] fix to the 'Ignore authentication attempts using idential passwords'
    option not being honored
  * [19785] fix to dynamic screening not being able to send notifications to an
  * [19808] fix to dynamic screening notifications being sent using the wrong
    time zone
  * [19775] fix to possible MDaemon.exe crash when the IMAP server is busy with
    a very large number of connections
  * [19800] fix to possible WorldClient.exe crash with specifically formatted
    iCalendar attachment data
  * [19683] fix to WorldClient Compose page may take a very long time to load
    when doing reply or forward on a large HTML message
  * [19804] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Browser notifications are
    not received in MDaemon 17.5.1
  * [19805] fix to LookOut theme - WorldClient - After searching for a message,
    the search field is cleared when switching folders
  * [19803] fix to MDRA - Unable to change the log summary frequency
  * [19795] fix to LookOut theme - IE - Cannot add filter
  * [19819] fix to LookOut theme - When sorting messages by date in right
    preview pane it will sometimes not sort ascending or descending
  * [19814] fix to MDHealthCheck crash in whitelist regex
  * [19827] fix to WorldClient missing translations
  * [19849] fix to WorldClient theme - When setting View Sender By to Show All,
    the sender is displayed incorrectly
  * [19845] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Unsubscribed calendars still
    show up in the calendar list
  * [19787] fix to LookOut - Unable to rename a folder due to the Save And Close
    button not responding
  * [19856] fix to WorldClient.exe may crash when moving or copying calendar
    events in WorldClient
  * [17113] fix to when an email response is sent to the meeting planner, the
    from address is always the user's primary email address even if the request
    was to an alias
  * [19847] fix to MDRA - Error switching from Settings to another mailing list
    option in German language
  * [19859] fix to MDRA - Unable To Open File error when clicking White List
    button under Tarpitting. Button removed.
  * [19883] fix to CardDAV - eM Client - Receiving Failed To Upload Item error
    when adding a contact
  * [19875] fix to exporting a calendar sub-folder in iCal format results in
    error or blank file
  * [19876] fix to CFilter.exe where compression file exclusion screen has no
    'OK' or 'Cancel' button
  * [19893] fix to importing ICS file removes the "dot" character in the UID
  * [19866] fix to WCIM - chat room name with special characters does not
    display correctly on chat room search screen and chat room invite screens
  * [19903] fix to specific calendar events may not be synchronized via CalDAV
  * [19920] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Notification sound is not
    played when a new message is received
  * [19921] fix to LookOut theme - After setting a sound for a new mail
    notification, the sound is still showing: None
  * [19930] fix to Spam Filter options to not filter mail from local, trusted,
    or authenticated sources do not work if SMTP scanning is disabled
  * [19821] fix to the ActiveSync client authorization messages sent to
    administrators appear garbled for some languages
  * [19850] fix to Dynamic Screening notification messages may appear garbled
  * [19925] fix to WCIM crashing issue at start up
  * [19944] fix to iOS ActiveSync clients will not sync calendars that contain a
    recurring event with multiple attendees
  * [19836] fix to ActiveSync clients may resync repeatedly due to an invalid
    FolderSync key
  * [19985] fix to Mailsploit address spoofing issues

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