>Server hotmail.com yang memblock koneksi dari IP, karena pakai 
>multi PTR record sehingga diragukan >validitasnya.


>Multiple pointer records

>While most rDNS entries only have one PTR record, DNS does not restrict the 
>number. Multiple PTR records are used, >for example, when a web server 
>supports many virtual hosts— i.e. multiple hostnames then resolve to a single 
>>address, and multiple hostnames will be returned for a PTR lookup for that 
>shared address. However, DNS lookups >typically occur over UDP, and since UDP 
>has a limited message size, in extreme cases, multiple PTRs could cause a >DNS 
>response to exceed those UDP limits.

>$ host
> domain name pointer mail.ciputrahospital.com.
> domain name pointer mail.ciputra.co.id.

>Perbaiki PTR recordnya menjadi satu saja.

> domain name pointer mail.ciputra.co.id

>dan di domain manager ciputrahospital.com di set smtp hostname = 


>setelah itu request delist ke hotmail.com melalui webform berikut


> [963834] *  DNS: 10 second wait for DNS response exceeded (DNS Server: 

>Adjust idle time out untuk DNS query karena terlalu singkat, naikkan 6 kalinya.


>Wait 60 seconds for MX responses
>Wait 60 seconds for A/AAAA responses

Dear Pak Syafril,

Noted pak, akan saya coba.
Terima kasih atas informasi dan bantuannya.

Best Regards,

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