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Kalau reply mail pakai cara email y.i. sisakan teks yang dikutip ulang
untuk fokus diskusi


The fundamental source of poor email style is the practice of quoting the entire
message you’re replying to. If that’s what you do, then it doesn’t matter
whether you put your response at the top or bottom. In fact, if you’re going to
quote the entire message, top-posting probably is better. But both are poor 

Does it take more time to edit the portions of quoted text included in your
reply? Yes. So does spell-checking and proofreading. It also takes time to
shower and brush your teeth each day.

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> Ini setting DKIM Signing

DKIM Selector nya salah, disitu menggunakan selector ptbmi.com.
Harusnya pakai selector = MDaemon, sesuai dengan DKIM record yang publish di 


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