We recently migrated the content from technet to docs, this gets it into a 
state that we can more easily revise the content. Next step is to actually 
revise the content. 😊 like anything, that takes time and proper prioritization.

good news about any content on docs is that it’s effectively open source. 
Anyone can contribute to content on docs.microsoft.com: 
https://docs.microsoft.com/contribute for the setup and basic process. If you 
submit a pull request to the MDT docs, I’ll review and merge. Open invitation 
to party down. Simple changes I can review and approve quickly; larger changes 
will take more time. If you have questions on contributing to docs, let me know.


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Subject: Re: [MDT-OSD] Updated toolkit reference or appropriate infos for MDT 
build 8443?

well you'd have to ask some of those that deal with OSD in Microsoft about 
that, perhaps Aaron or Michael would be a good place to start

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Thank you Niall;-)

But if there is not any more an updated doc site for MDT, how should I know 
which new features or specific properties exist in new versions of MDT?

For Example - If I want to deploy Windows 10 instead of Windows 7 there are 
properly some old properties or some new one which I do not know.
Is there any information of the changes from older versions of MDT to newer 
versions of MDT?

For me it would be important to know if there are any new things in the 
CustomSettings.ini for the deployment of Windows 10 which were undocumentated 
so far.

Because we deployed only Windows 7 so far, we use actually the MDT 2013 version 
6.2.5019.0 .
Because we have to build and deploy Windows 10 in future, I want to know if we 
can take over knowledge of previous experiences and where we need to pay 
special attention to.

My last known “MDT 2013 Print-Ready Documentation” includes:
- MDT 2013 Release Notes.docx
- Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Samples Guide.docx
- Quick Start Guide for Lite Touch Installation.docx
- Quick Start Guide for System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager.docx
- Quick Start Guide for User Driven Installation.docx
- Toolkit Reference.docx
- Troubleshooting Reference.docx
- User Driven Installation - Developers Guide.docx
- Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.docx
- Whats New in MDT 2013 Guide.docx

All of this documents are really fantastic, very detailed and accurate for best 
dealing with it.

Now I miss this documents for the actual versions.

Best regards,

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build 8443?

and that was a typo, use build 8450 instead

On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 10:31 AM, Niall Brady 
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you should use 8540 instead it's the current release

and the docs site for MDT is not updated any more

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Hi folks,

is there any updated documentation of „MDT Toolkit reference“?
I found the following link, but this is not up-to-date because there are only 
informations referenced to MDT 2013 (last update 2016/09/09): 

In the past we build and deploy Windows 7 with MDT2013U1.
We now have to build and deploy Windows 10 with MDT build 8443.

Now we ask what has changed - especially in the parameters (for example, in 
customsettings.ini) – where we can find an updated toolkit reference or 
appropriate informations?

Thank you in advance;-)


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