We're heavily using the MediaWiki API in our opensource project mwlib 
), so first of all: Thanks to you all for implementing this  
functionality to MediaWiki!

Maybe you're following the discussion initiated by Erik Möller on  
Foundation-l about appropriate attribution. As there is yet a consesus  
to be found, we plan to include all authors (minus minor edits, minus  
bots) after each article in documents (PDFs, ODFs) rendered from  
article collections.

Currently we're using an API query with prop=revisions, requesting  
rvprop=user|ids|flags. Afterwards we're filtering out minor edits,  
anonymous/IP edits and bot edits (via regular expression on username  
and comment) and combine edits by the same author. To retrieve the  
data for all revisions for heavily edited articles (e.g.  
[[en:Physics]]), this requires lots of API requests with rvlimit=500.

Is there a way (or a plan to implement one) to retrieve the list of  
unique contributors for a given article (from a given revision down to  
the first one)? Ideally this would accept parameters for the mentioned  
filtering. I guess inside of MediaWiki code this can be handled very  
efficiently (using appropriate database queries) and would eliminate  
the need to transfer lots of redundant data over the socket.

-- Johannes Beigel

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