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Change subject: Fix documentation in README

Fix documentation in README

* The entry point is actually named `service-checker-swagger`.
* `x-amples` is actually a list of request/response entries.

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diff --git a/README.rst b/README.rst
index b624e17..c363130 100644
--- a/README.rst
+++ b/README.rst
@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@
-Once installed, you will have the ``service-checker`` binary in your path.
+Once installed, you will have the ``service-checker-swagger`` binary
+in your path.
 Suppose you have a webservice running on localhost port 8080, which
 reponds for HTTP host ``awesomeservice.local`` and it
@@ -31,19 +32,19 @@
 .. code:: bash
-    $ service-checker awesomeservice.local:8080 -s /swagger
+    $ service-checker-swagger awesomeservice.local:8080 -s /swagger
     All endpoints are healthy
 Spec format support
-``service-checker`` checks each of the paths in your swagger/OpenAPI
+``service-checker-swagger`` checks each of the paths in your swagger/OpenAPI
 specification for an ``x-amples`` section and uses it to do live requests
 to the API and checks that the response corresponds to the base. The
 ``x-amples`` section is an extension to the swagger spec that has been
 introduced by `swagger-test <>`_
-and that consists of a ``request`` and a ``response`` sections.
+and that consists of items with ``request`` and ``response`` sections.
 Url templating according to RFC 6570 is partially supported via the
 ``params`` section of the ``x-amples`` section.
@@ -60,7 +61,7 @@
    "/pets/{id}": {
        "get": {
           "x-monitor": true,
-          "x-amples": {
+          "x-amples": [ {
             "request": {
               "params": {"id": 10},
               "headers": { "Accept": "application/json", },

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