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Change subject: package_builder: doc that gbp must be passed -sa

package_builder: doc that gbp must be passed -sa

dpkg-genchanges does add the original tarball checksum in the .changes
file unless the upstream version has changed compared to the previous
debian/changelog entry.

I typically build packages locally in fast iterations and by the time I
get a package ready for upload I already have several debian version
increments which have not been pushed to apt.wikimedia.org.  Thus, when
publishing a package with reprepro, it complains about the tarball being
missing from .changes or sometime cant find it out in the pool.

The fix is to have the .changes file to always list the original
tarball. Debian Policy about the .changes file states:

> If a new Debian revision of a package is being shipped and no new
> original source archive is being distributed [..] the .changes file
> should leave it out. In this case the original source archive on the
> distribution site must match exactly, byte-for-byte, the original
> source archive which was used to generate the .dsc file and diff which
> are being uploaded.

So we can safely always include the original tarball to please reprepro
and still not violate the Debian policy.

Update package_builder README.md file example of git-buildpackage to
include '-sa'.
Add a hint about configuring the builder command in the git buildpackage
configuration file (~/gbp.conf). Which once done solve the issue for all

Bug: T145797
Change-Id: I28c8e254e9e260646a8ed5f584f286f94c241f0f
M modules/package_builder/README.md
1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

  git pull ssh://gerrit.wikimedia.org:29418/operations/puppet 

diff --git a/modules/package_builder/README.md 
index 17ca4cb..a05588e 100644
--- a/modules/package_builder/README.md
+++ b/modules/package_builder/README.md
@@ -105,11 +105,19 @@
 git-pbuilder can be used by git-buildpackage to leverage all of the above. The
 trick is to use GIT\_PBUILDER\_AUTOCONF=no i.e.:
-    GIT_PBUILDER_AUTOCONF=no DIST=trusty WIKIMEDIA=yes git-buildpackage -us 
-uc --git-builder=git-pbuilder
+    GIT_PBUILDER_AUTOCONF=no DIST=trusty WIKIMEDIA=yes git-buildpackage -sa 
-us -uc --git-builder=git-pbuilder
 The GIT\_PBUILDER\_AUTOCONF tells git-pbuilder to forego all attempts to 
discover the base path, tarball, or
 configuration file to set up the pbuilder options but rather instead rely on 
the settings in .pbuilderrc
+You can make it a default by editing your ~/.gbp.conf:
+    [buildpackage]
+    builder = GIT_PBUILDER_AUTOCONF=no git-pbuilder -sa
+-sa being to enforce the original tarball to be included in the .changes file
+which is a requirement for Wikimedia reprepro.

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