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Change subject: setting ip addresses for temp kubernetes hosts

setting ip addresses for temp kubernetes hosts

these won't stick around for more than a month or so, as procurement is
already in process to get new machines.  we'll reclaim these at the end
of that time and this patchset can be reverted (and rebased) then.


Change-Id: Ie72a7b38b57a4ef67b713e1a142583927e313785
M templates/
M templates/wmnet
2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

  git pull ssh:// 

diff --git a/templates/ b/templates/
index adec62a..fb88735 100644
--- a/templates/
+++ b/templates/
@@ -316,6 +316,7 @@
 84  1H IN PTR   mc1023.eqiad.wmnet.
 85  1H IN PTR   elastic1044.eqiad.wmnet.
 86  1H IN PTR   elastic1045.eqiad.wmnet.
+87  1H IN PTR   wmf4747.eqiad.wmnet.
 91  1H IN PTR   db1079.eqiad.wmnet.
 92  1H IN PTR   db1080.eqiad.wmnet.
@@ -485,6 +486,8 @@
 35  1H IN PTR   db1046.eqiad.wmnet.
 36  1H IN PTR   db1047.eqiad.wmnet.
 37  1H IN PTR   db1048.eqiad.wmnet.
+38  1H IN PTR   wmf4748.eqiad.wmnet.
+39  1H IN PTR   wmf4749.eqiad.wmnet.
 40  1H IN PTR   ms-be1020.eqiad.wmnet.
 41  1H IN PTR   kafka1002.eqiad.wmnet.
@@ -789,6 +792,7 @@
 120     1H IN PTR       elastic1021.eqiad.wmnet.
 121     1H IN PTR       elastic1022.eqiad.wmnet.
 122     1H IN PTR       elastic1029.eqiad.wmnet.
+123     1H IN PTR       wmf4750.eqiad.wmnet.
 135     1H IN PTR       hassium.eqiad.wmnet. ; VM on the 
ganeti01.svc.eqiad.wmnet cluster
 136     1H IN PTR       db1078.eqiad.wmnet.
diff --git a/templates/wmnet b/templates/wmnet
index b1f0f01..81137e1 100644
--- a/templates/wmnet
+++ b/templates/wmnet
@@ -821,6 +821,11 @@
 labvirt1014     1H  IN A
 wdqs1001        1H  IN A
 wdqs1002        1H  IN A
+wmf4747         1H  IN A
+wmf4748         1H  IN A
+wmf4749         1H  IN A
+wmf4750         1H  IN A
 wtp1001         1H  IN A
 wtp1002         1H  IN A
 wtp1003         1H  IN A

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