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Add Versioning documentation to README

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 `revision_create`) should be considered deprecated.  Analytics and Services are
 working together to switch over uses of these schemas to the new entity-first
+## Versioning
+New schema versions should be 100% backwards compatible.  That is, they should
+only add new optional fields.  They should never remove or rename fields, and
+they should never add new required fields.  This allows producer and consumer
+code to continue to work with older versions of schemas, so deployments that
+alter use of schema versions do not have to be coordinatoed.
+Ideally, each new schema version would be represented by a bump in file version
+number.  A new version of `mediawiki/revsion/create/1.yaml` would go in
+`mediawiki/revision/create/2.yaml`.  However, at the time of this writing
+(2016-09), we have not every created a new schema version in a new file, and
+have instead altered the original schema versions with new git commits.
+While not ideal, this is 'ok' for now, especially if we are 100% sure that
+the schema change is backwards compatible, AND that we only have one producer
+of this data: MediaWiki.  This may change in the future.  If and when it does,
+we will have to be more strict about using new files for new schema versions.

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