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Change subject: Hygiene: Remove phantom config variables

Hygiene: Remove phantom config variables

These config option dates back to mobile uploads (remember that?!)
It's not needed anymore. Note I will be removed this from the cluster
as part of Icb2f18c532f8e237df2c4d7d625647c4ea7eb1e0 but that does
not block this.

Change-Id: I4a969905876c64b2b427aa03cb09ed6ae3980f0f
M extension.json
M i18n/en.json
M i18n/qqq.json
4 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)

  MaxSem: Looks good to me, approved
  jenkins-bot: Verified

diff --git a/ b/
index 6f6eea4..cc92b8a 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -657,14 +657,6 @@
 * Type: `String`
 * Default: Defaults to the current wiki
-#### $wgMFUploadMinEdits
-Set the minimum edits the user needs before they can upload images in mobile
-* Type: `Integer`
-* Default: `0`
 #### $wgMFUseWikibaseDescription (deprecated)
 See `$wgMFUseWikibase`
diff --git a/extension.json b/extension.json
index ba9b3ea..65afa85 100644
--- a/extension.json
+++ b/extension.json
@@ -21,20 +21,6 @@
                "MediaWiki": ">= 1.27.0"
        "callback": "MobileFrontendHooks::onRegistration",
-       "GroupPermissions": {
-               "*": {
-                       "mf-uploadbutton": false
-               },
-               "autoconfirmed": {
-                       "mf-uploadbutton": true
-               },
-               "sysop": {
-                       "mf-uploadbutton": true
-               }
-       },
-       "AvailableRights": [
-               "mf-uploadbutton"
-       ],
        "ConfigRegistry": {
                "mobilefrontend": "GlobalVarConfig::newInstance"
@@ -2053,7 +2039,6 @@
                "MFCollapseSectionsByDefault": true,
                "MFPhotoUploadWiki": null,
                "MFPhotoUploadEndpoint": "",
-               "MFUploadMinEdits": 0,
                "MFUseWikibaseDescription": false,
                "MFUseWikibase": false,
                "MFDisplayWikibaseDescription": false,
diff --git a/i18n/en.json b/i18n/en.json
index 10fdc7b..b08110b 100644
--- a/i18n/en.json
+++ b/i18n/en.json
@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@
        "abusefilter-edit-builder-vars-user-mobile": "Whether or not a user is 
editing through the mobile interface",
-       "action-mf-uploadbutton": "use the simplified mobile upload system",
        "beta-feature-minerva": "Enable mobile skin ({{int:skinname-minerva}}) 
on desktop",
        "beta-feature-minerva-description": "Make the skin used on mobile 
devices a selectable desktop skin under the \"{{int:prefs-rendering}}\" 
preferences tab.",
        "mobile-frontend-account-create-captcha-placeholder": "Enter 
confirmation code",
@@ -354,7 +353,6 @@
        "mobile.css": "/* CSS placed here will affect users of the mobile site 
        "mobile.js": "/* Any JavaScript here will be loaded for users using the 
mobile site */",
        "nearby": "Pages on topics near you",
-       "right-mf-uploadbutton": "Use the upload button on mobile pages",
        "tag-mobile_edit": "Mobile edit",
        "tag-mobile_edit-description": "Edit made from mobile (web or app)",
        "tag-mobile_web_edit": "Mobile web edit",
diff --git a/i18n/qqq.json b/i18n/qqq.json
index c83007a..810a520 100644
--- a/i18n/qqq.json
+++ b/i18n/qqq.json
@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@
        "abusefilter-edit-builder-vars-user-mobile": "AbuseFilter extension 
rule variable that allows distinguishing edits based on if they have been made 
using the editor of MobileFrontend or not.",
-       "action-mf-uploadbutton": "The error message, if the user don't have 
the right to see the upload button on mobile 
        "beta-feature-minerva": "Name of the Minerva beta feature. Used as 
checkbox label.\n\nRefers to {{msg-mw|Skinname-minerva}}.\n\nSee also:\n* 
        "beta-feature-minerva-description": "Describe the Minerva beta feature 
- it makes a new skin available.\n\nThis description is for the label 
        "mobile-frontend-account-create-captcha-placeholder": "Placeholder for 
captcha input field",
@@ -354,7 +353,6 @@
        "mobile.css": "{{optional}}\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Mobile.js}} 
(Optional message)",
        "mobile.js": "{{optional}}\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Mobile.css}} 
(Optional message)",
        "nearby": "{{doc-special|Nearby}}",
-       "right-mf-uploadbutton": "Description of right to see the upload button 
on mobile pages.\n\n{{Doc-right|mf-uploadbutton}}",
        "tag-mobile_edit": "Short change tag name for edits coming  from mobile 
(web or apps).\n\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Tag-mobile edit-description}}",
        "tag-mobile_edit-description": "Short change tag description. for edits 
coming from mobile (web or apps).\n\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Tag-mobile edit}}",
        "tag-mobile_web_edit": "Short change tag name for edits coming directly 
from the mobile website.\n\nSee also:\n* {{msg-mw|Tag-mobile web 

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