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Change subject: Fix grammar, wording and flow in the API documentation

Fix grammar, wording and flow in the API documentation

Change-Id: I6c2de82faba9b7aebd02f68728c522c32d65f327
M includes/api/i18n/en.json
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

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  jenkins-bot: Verified

diff --git a/includes/api/i18n/en.json b/includes/api/i18n/en.json
index 05f606d..c20ed5d 100644
--- a/includes/api/i18n/en.json
+++ b/includes/api/i18n/en.json
@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@
        "apihelp-edit-param-tags": "Change tags to apply to the revision.",
        "apihelp-edit-param-minor": "Minor edit.",
        "apihelp-edit-param-notminor": "Non-minor edit.",
-       "apihelp-edit-param-bot": "Mark this edit as bot.",
+       "apihelp-edit-param-bot": "Mark this edit as a bot edit.",
        "apihelp-edit-param-basetimestamp": "Timestamp of the base revision, 
used to detect edit conflicts. May be obtained through 
        "apihelp-edit-param-starttimestamp": "Timestamp when the editing 
process began, used to detect edit conflicts. An appropriate value may be 
obtained using <var>[[Special:ApiHelp/main|curtimestamp]]</var> when beginning 
the edit process (e.g. when loading the page content to edit).",
        "apihelp-edit-param-recreate": "Override any errors about the page 
having been deleted in the meantime.",
@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
        "apihelp-emailuser-param-ccme": "Send a copy of this mail to me.",
        "apihelp-emailuser-example-email": "Send an email to user 
<kbd>WikiSysop</kbd> with the text <kbd>Content</kbd>.",
-       "apihelp-expandtemplates-description": "Expands all templates in 
+       "apihelp-expandtemplates-description": "Expands all templates within 
        "apihelp-expandtemplates-param-title": "Title of page.",
        "apihelp-expandtemplates-param-text": "Wikitext to convert.",
        "apihelp-expandtemplates-param-revid": "Revision ID, for 
<nowiki>{{REVISIONID}}</nowiki> and similar variables.",
@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@
        "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-month": "From month (and earlier).",
        "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-tagfilter": "Filter contributions that 
have these tags.",
        "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-deletedonly": "Show only deleted 
-       "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-toponly": "Only show edits that are 
latest revisions.",
+       "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-toponly": "Only show edits that are 
the latest revisions.",
        "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-newonly": "Only show edits that are 
page creations.",
        "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-hideminor": "Hide minor edits.",
        "apihelp-feedcontributions-param-showsizediff": "Show the size 
difference between revisions.",

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