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Change subject: Ignore invalid country codes from query string

Ignore invalid country codes from query string

If someone follows a link with &country=XX, ignore the code and fall
back to the cookie or IP address lookup.

Bug: T152026
Change-Id: Id84acd41063242815fdbc9692023a6c235de80e7
M FundraiserRedirector.body.php
1 file changed, 43 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

  git pull 

diff --git a/FundraiserRedirector.body.php b/FundraiserRedirector.body.php
index f142355..8543a87 100644
--- a/FundraiserRedirector.body.php
+++ b/FundraiserRedirector.body.php
@@ -16,6 +16,9 @@
                // Country passed in the URL param gets first precedence.
                $country = $this->getRequest()->getVal( 'country' );
+               if ( !self::is_valid_iso_country_code( $country ) ) {
+                       $country = '';
+               }
                // Get country from the GeoIP cookie if present.
                if ( !$country ) {
@@ -102,4 +105,44 @@
                // Redirect
                $this->getOutput()->redirect( $redirectURL );
+       /**
+        * Checks to see if $country is a valid iso 3166-1 country code.
+        * DOES NOT VERIFY THAT WE FUNDRAISE THERE. Only that the code makes 
+        * @param string $country the code we want to check
+        * @return boolean
+        */
+       public static function is_valid_iso_country_code( $country ) {
+               /**
+                * List of valid iso 3166 country codes, regenerated on 
+                * Code generated by a happy script at
+                * 
+                */
+               $iso_3166_codes = array (
+                       'AF', 'AX', 'AL', 'DZ', 'AS', 'AD', 'AO', 'AI', 'AQ', 
'AG', 'AR', 'AM', 'AW', 'AU',
+                       'AT', 'AZ', 'BS', 'BH', 'BD', 'BB', 'BY', 'BE', 'BZ', 
'BJ', 'BM', 'BT', 'BO', 'BQ',
+                       'BA', 'BW', 'BV', 'BR', 'IO', 'BN', 'BG', 'BF', 'BI', 
'KH', 'CM', 'CA', 'CV', 'KY',
+                       'CF', 'TD', 'CL', 'CN', 'CX', 'CC', 'CO', 'KM', 'CG', 
'CD', 'CK', 'CR', 'CI', 'HR',
+                       'CU', 'CW', 'CY', 'CZ', 'DK', 'DJ', 'DM', 'DO', 'EC', 
'EG', 'SV', 'GQ', 'ER', 'EE',
+                       'ET', 'FK', 'FO', 'FJ', 'FI', 'FR', 'GF', 'PF', 'TF', 
'GA', 'GM', 'GE', 'DE', 'GH',
+                       'GI', 'GR', 'GL', 'GD', 'GP', 'GU', 'GT', 'GG', 'GN', 
'GW', 'GY', 'HT', 'HM', 'VA',
+                       'HN', 'HK', 'HU', 'IS', 'IN', 'ID', 'IR', 'IQ', 'IE', 
'IM', 'IL', 'IT', 'JM', 'JP',
+                       'JE', 'JO', 'KZ', 'KE', 'KI', 'KP', 'KR', 'KW', 'KG', 
'LA', 'LV', 'LB', 'LS', 'LR',
+                       'LY', 'LI', 'LT', 'LU', 'MO', 'MK', 'MG', 'MW', 'MY', 
'MV', 'ML', 'MT', 'MH', 'MQ',
+                       'MR', 'MU', 'YT', 'MX', 'FM', 'MD', 'MC', 'MN', 'ME', 
'MS', 'MA', 'MZ', 'MM', 'NA',
+                       'NR', 'NP', 'NL', 'NC', 'NZ', 'NI', 'NE', 'NG', 'NU', 
'NF', 'MP', 'NO', 'OM', 'PK',
+                       'PW', 'PS', 'PA', 'PG', 'PY', 'PE', 'PH', 'PN', 'PL', 
'PT', 'PR', 'QA', 'RE', 'RO',
+                       'RU', 'RW', 'BL', 'SH', 'KN', 'LC', 'MF', 'PM', 'VC', 
'WS', 'SM', 'ST', 'SA', 'SN',
+                       'RS', 'SC', 'SL', 'SG', 'SX', 'SK', 'SI', 'SB', 'SO', 
'ZA', 'GS', 'SS', 'ES', 'LK',
+                       'SD', 'SR', 'SJ', 'SZ', 'SE', 'CH', 'SY', 'TW', 'TJ', 
'TZ', 'TH', 'TL', 'TG', 'TK',
+                       'TO', 'TT', 'TN', 'TR', 'TM', 'TC', 'TV', 'UG', 'UA', 
'AE', 'GB', 'US', 'UM', 'UY',
+                       'UZ', 'VU', 'VE', 'VN', 'VG', 'VI', 'WF', 'EH', 'YE', 
'ZM', 'ZW',
+               );
+               if ( in_array( $country, $iso_3166_codes ) ) {
+                       return true;
+               }
+               return false;
+       }

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