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Change subject: Committing my work-in-progress code

Committing my work-in-progress code

* PHP setup file removed in favor of brand new extension.json
* PHP-based i18n converted to JSON-based
* General coding style tweaks, modernization, etc. all over the place
* Removed no-op wfProfile(In|Out) calls
* HTML templates rewritten to use QuickTemplate instead of Wikia-specific 
* Changed the internal identifier of the "Top 10 list" namespace and its 
talkspace from 700 to 750 in order to not conflict with the LinkFilter extension
* Removed the code which restricted the extension to Wikia's Oasis skin and the 
associated i18n message toplists-oasis-only
* Got rid of most of the constants originally defined in the PHP setup file, 
except for the three TOPLISTS_SAVE_* ones
* Ported some AJAX functions into API modules (but not all of 'em yet)
* Copied over and renamed WikiaApiQueryVoteArticle from 

Known issues/problems/gotchas:
* Hard dependency on Wikia's ImageServing
* UI is outright broken; I lazily renamed .scss -> .less without really 
changing anything; this will need to be fixed
** Relatedly, the use of sprites (in Wikia's Oasis skin) and the 1x1px
transparent gif (in this extension's UI templates) is also very
* The brand new toplists_votes table is not yet used and there is no 
LoadExtensionSchemaUpdates hook handler to create that
* ApiQueryVoteArticle.php needs to be updated to use this new toplists_votes 
table instead of the page_vote table
* ApiQueryVoteArticle module is also 100% untested and ugly
* extension.json adds entries to $wgAjaxExportList but this is not natively 
supported in MediaWiki core. To support this, you need to manually edit core's 
includes/registration/ExtensionProcessor.php and add 'AjaxExportList' to 
ExtensionProcessor::$globalSettings. The more proper fix is to port these 
functions to use the API instead.
* editor.js file has a dependency on the LinkSuggest extension
* Also in editor.js, the modal stuff is probably broken. I tried to port it 
over to use jQuery UI dialog instead of Wikia's jquery.wikia.modal.js but it's 
probably incomplete and definitely untested.
* The i18n message 'toplists-email-body' has 4 Wikia references and thus isn't 
very portable

Change-Id: I4ac7b7d533fb0ab2d7d1b1f84c67875e4451947c
M TopList.class.php
M TopListBase.class.php
M TopListHelper.class.php
M TopListItem.class.php
M TopListParser.class.php
D TopLists.i18n.php
M TopLists.namespaces.php
D TopLists_setup.php
A api/ApiQueryVoteArticle.php
A api/ApiTopListsAddItem.php
A api/ApiTopListsCheckListStatus.php
A api/ApiTopListsVoteItem.php
D css/_mixins.scss
A extension.json
A i18n/ar.json
A i18n/az.json
A i18n/bg.json
A i18n/br.json
A i18n/ca.json
A i18n/ce.json
A i18n/cs.json
A i18n/de.json
A i18n/diq.json
A i18n/en-gb.json
A i18n/en.json
A i18n/es.json
A i18n/eu.json
A i18n/fa.json
A i18n/fi.json
A i18n/fr.json
A i18n/fy.json
A i18n/gl.json
A i18n/hu.json
A i18n/ia.json
A i18n/it.json
A i18n/ja.json
A i18n/ko.json
A i18n/ksh.json
A i18n/ku-latn.json
A i18n/lb.json
A i18n/mk.json
A i18n/ms.json
A i18n/my.json
A i18n/nb.json
A i18n/nl-informal.json
A i18n/nl.json
A i18n/oc.json
A i18n/pl.json
A i18n/pms.json
A i18n/ps.json
A i18n/pt-br.json
A i18n/pt.json
A i18n/qqq.json
A i18n/ro.json
A i18n/roa-tara.json
A i18n/ru.json
A i18n/sr-ec.json
A i18n/sv.json
A i18n/te.json
A i18n/tl.json
A i18n/tr.json
A i18n/uk.json
A i18n/vi.json
A i18n/zh-hans.json
A i18n/zh-hant.json
A i18n/zh-hk.json
A i18n/zh-tw.json
A i18n/zh.json
D js/editor.js
D js/list.js
A resources/css/_mixins.less
R resources/css/editor.less
R resources/css/list.less
R resources/images/sprites.png
R resources/images/thumbnail_toplist.png
A resources/js/aim.js
A resources/js/editor.js
A resources/js/list.js
M specials/SpecialCreateTopList.class.php
M specials/SpecialEditTopList.class.php
A sql/toplists_votes.sql
M templates/editor.tmpl.php
M templates/image_browser.tmpl.php
M templates/list.tmpl.php
84 files changed, 5,721 insertions(+), 4,740 deletions(-)

  Jack Phoenix: Verified; Looks good to me, approved

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