Hello Meeple,

I am having some difficulty creating real time visualizations of the
simulation I am trying to build. The h5utils package included/mentioned in
the reference/resources listed didn't install, which according to this guy (
is a common problem. He suggests using matlab, which I tried, but matlab
doesnt image .h5 file formats. I could use a converter, but this is
cumbersome as the usefulness of visualization is in the
prototyping/debugging phase of the simulation. I also tried this guys fix (
which also didn't work as well as trying to reinstall the h5utils
package/MEEP in a unix environment (virtual machine + ubuntu) which again,
did not work.

My current solution is using hdfviewer. This works ok. I can use an append
command to collate all of the .h5 outputs and create a video. This is not
ideal as it takes forever to create a video and the resolution is bad on
top of not being able to pause, step forward, step backwards, or save to

What are your imagining solutions? How are you getting around the problems
I have mentioned above? Is there something obvious I am missing? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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